Can You Detect What's Incorrect?

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You're the editor! See whether you can identify the grammatical or wording problem in each sentence and fix it. Warning: These are tricky and picky!

1. The senator's proposal appealed to Americans of all regions, ages, backgrounds, social class and national origin.

2. We should never laugh at another's misfortune.

3. The hiker worried that the mosquitoes would be abundant, the weather would be hot and the trails would have a lot of rocks.

4. The students seemed to have enjoyed the respite the fire drill provided.

5. The combination of cost reductions and higher returns on investments were credited with producing a balanced budget.


6. This is one of those myths that leads to poor financial decisions.

7. The park ranger said after the rain the elk would move to higher pastures.

8. Tom always orders spaghetti at this restaurant because he likes it more than anything on the menu.

Revisions and explanations:


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