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Jim Rossman: Netflix moving to end password sharing


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It is no secret Netflix would like for us to stop sharing passwords.

For years when the company was growing, they seemed content to look the other way when people let others use their Netflix login.

Now that subscriber numbers have dropped, Netflix is going to start cracking down on freeloaders.

Netflix accounts can only be associated with one household.

What determines a household?

Netflix says they use information such as IP addresses, device IDs and account activity to determine members of the same household.


If you are sharing your Netflix password with someone and you’d like to continue, be prepared to pay extra.

Netflix said they will start charging for account sharing in 2023, but they released no specifics.

If Netflix determines your account is being used by more than one household, they will be charging you more.

The company has already tested this plan in a handful of smaller countries, where they charged $2.99 per month for each additional user. Netflix has not said how much each additional user would cost here.


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