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Gadgets: 1MORE Sonoflow headphones provide great-sounding hi-res audio


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1MORE has recently launched its first entry into Bluetooth ANC headphones with the cost-friendly and great-sounding SonoFlow.

The over-the-head headphones feature proprietary QuietMax noise cancellation, an adjustable headband, skin-friendly protein leather padded ear cups, high-resolution wireless audio, 70 hours of playtime (50 with ANC on), and crystal-clear hands-free calls. Quick charging for five minutes will produce five hours of listening.

Right out of the box, the sound was perfect for my eclectic playlists of ‘70s music with the right amount of bass and crisp highs from the hi-res audio with an ultra-wide frequency response range that reaches up to 40kHz. The SonoFlow also has 12 studio-grade equalization presets for more fine-tuned sounds with the companion 1MORE Sonoflow app.

According to the 1MORE site, this is because SonoFlow is certified for hi-res audio and hi-res audio wireless. They support the lossless LDAC codec, allowing you to enjoy a hi-res audio experience by transmitting at a transfer rate of 990 Kbps. 1MORE had the sound for the SonoFlow headphones tuned by Luca Bignardi, a four-time Grammy Award-winning sound engineer.

What does this all mean to the average user who wants great-sounding headphones without breaking the bank? It means they sound great from the sound produced by 40 mm drivers inside each ear cup. The soft padded ear cups are comfortable for all-day use.

The noise canceling worked well, and it was easy to switch off if background noise or a conversation needed to be heard with transparent mode. Most features are controlled with responsive buttons on the right ear cup. It doesn’t allow for button customization, which isn’t a big deal as I’ve never customized headphones.


Bluetooth 5.0 is a multipoint technology allowing the SonoFlow to be connected simultaneously to two devices for easy switching between them. The headphones also fold up for storage when not in use.

A 3.5 mm audio cable is included for those wanting a direct wired connection. A carrying case and USB-C charging cable are included. The SonoFlow headphones are usually $99.99 but are on special for $79.99.

Ezviz’s C3W Pro Is another great new product with an $89.99 budget-friendly price.


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