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Gadgets: Solid State Logic’s new SSL Connex USB microphone features top-of-the-line audio quality for everyday, advanced use


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At some point, we all need to produce top-quality audio, whether for more advanced work-from-home video meetings, conference calls, music instrument or vocal recording, or simple family FaceTime or speakerphone hands-free calls. Getting any audio isn’t problematic, and neither is top-of-the-line audio quality when using Solid State Logic’s new SSL Connex USB microphone, built for both advanced and everyday use.

The SSL Connex touts the microphone as optimized studio-quality processing using SSL EQ, and dynamics algorithms are taken from professional studio and broadcast products. The technology makes it easy and user-friendly for simple work-from-home tasks and ideal for more complex recording. Regardless of your level of expertise or end product goal, the SSL Connex USB microphone produces audio recording quality to the highest levels and standards.

The USB bus-powered microphone works with Mac (macOS 10.14 or later) and PC (Windows 10 or later) laptops, desktop computers or USB tablets. It has a built-in USB-C output connection and a 1/8-inch / 3.5mm headphone port.

A 2-meter USB Type-C to Type-C cable and USB Type-C (female) to Type-A (male) adapter are included to get you connected and recording immediately. Onboard touch-sensitive controls include push-to-talk, mic mute, cough button and headphone volume.

The portable and futuristic silver desktop microphone (3.54-by-3.54-by-1.57 inches) looks like a four-sided pyramid with a flat top. Behind each of the four sides are microphone capsules creating a quad microphone array. On top is the Solid State Logic logo, with a backlit RGB illuminates to indicate if the mic is in the mute state or one of four user modes.

The four modes are indicated by a different color and include modes to set the microphone to record based on your needs.

Solo mode glows in white and is optimized for a single sound source from the front of the unit. Uses in the white glowing solo mode can be calls, a meeting presenter or anything from a single user. The SSL Connex is optimized to capture the speech only from the front and reduces unwanted sound from the back and side.


Green is the group mode for multiple sound sources and is ideal for livestreaming with various users in a round table conference call environment, making great use of the SSL Connex’s quad microphones. The internal and automatic smart mixer technology allows all the participants to be heard equally clearly and without unwanted background noise.

When the top glows magenta, the mic is in the vocal mode for performance recording. In this mode, the SSL Connex works with SSL EQ and dynamics processing algorithms to enhance the recording or live stream. This mode also rejects audio and sounds from the rear and sides of the unit for optimum recording.

And finally, the Blue mode is designed for a group of musicians set to record positioned around the SSL Connex. The quad mic system is designed to work perfectly in this scenario to eliminate unwanted background noise and to ensure the vocals are appropriately captured to produce the desired recording sound from each angle and source.

Some other features and specifications of the SSL Connex include a sample rate of up to 96 kHz. The bottom has a standard 1/4”–20 female tripod mounting thread for attaching to your accessories. It’s rated to operate in temperatures ranging from 33.8 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The MSRP price is $199.99, but you can get it for an introductory price of $149.99.

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