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Gadgets: IOGEAR’S new UpStream Game Capture Adapter with Party Chat for 4K streamers features easy setup


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Finding the right computer accessory to solve a problem, work correctly and do what you want it to do, along with being simple to set up, isn’t always as easy as it seems.

IOGEAR’S new UpStream Game Capture Adapter with Party Chat for 4K streamers is that, and it costs less than its competitors. Full disclosure, I’m not a gamer (never was, never will be), so I enlisted my gamer friend for testing, and I’ll pass on the end first. His response was, “5 stars and especially for the price.”

The adapter is designed for streaming gamers using PS5 and Xbox to other platforms and social media. My friendly gamer stressed the ease of the setup on a PC, essentially a plug-and-play setup, assuming you have the additional hardware (gaming console, headphones, computer, etc.).

The Party Chat, which is something significant to gamers, was an area that got high praise for its simplicity and not having to add another piece of hardware.

The portable adapter is about the size of a deck of cards (1.7-by-0.9-by-0.66 inches) with a USB-C port, a pair of 3.5mm audio ports for a headset and a console gamepad, and an LED power indicator on the front. HDMI ports (output and input) are on the back.

Among the specifications supplied by IOGEAR for the UVC-based driver, the adapter lists support for 4K @30Hz, 1440p @60Hz, 1080p @120Hz capture, and 4K @60Hz HDR input and passthrough. It also supports up to 1440p @144Hz and 1080p @240Hz passthrough. Part Chat recording for game consoles is done without extra wires or adapters.


The computer system requirements are Windows 10 with UVC support or a Mac running OS X 10.2. or later with UVC support. A single USB-C to A cable is included for connecting to an open port on your computer and bus-powered to the adapter. An HDMI and 3.5mm audio cable are also included; although there’s no volume control on the adapter, that’s easy to solve in other ways.

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