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Jim Rossman: Mesh routers can spread Wi-Fi all over your house ... and your backyard, too


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I’ve been helping a friend try to improve the Wi-Fi coverage in his house.

He complained of some dead spots and very little coverage out in his backyard.

His source of Wi-Fi is the cable modem that was set up by the cable company when he moved into his house five years ago.

His house is one story, but it is very long. The cable modem/router is located near one side, and it was having trouble getting the Wi-Fi signal to the other end of the house.

The 5-year-old modem also meant he was not getting the speed advantage of some recent Wi-Fi innovations like Wi-Fi 6.

Newish phones, tablets and computers come with Wi-Fi chipsets that can handle much faster networking speeds than the standards of just a few years ago.


So, my friend needed better coverage and a faster Wi-Fi router. What should he do?

I suggested a mesh Wi-Fi system.

Mesh systems have more than one source of Wi-Fi spaced throughout the home to distribute the internet to the farthest areas and even outside to the front and back yards.

Large buildings like hospitals and hotels use mesh systems to spread the Wi-Fi over very large buildings.


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