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Jim Rossman: How to tell your contacts you have a new email address


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Last week I spent a few hours helping a friend set up a new Google email account.

She’s only had one email account, which was handed out by her internet service provider years ago.

She’s changing ISPs and upgrading to fiber internet service. Her old email address is going away when she cancels her old service.

I told her to hold off on canceling the old service to give her some time to notify everyone of her new email address.

So, what is the best way to tell everyone you’ve got a new email address?

You start by working your way back through your inbox and making a few lists based on the type of relationship you have with that contact.


You can separate the messages into categories like personal, informational and business.

Notifying your personal contacts is easy. You can send one message to everybody in your contact list and any other individual correspondents, notifying everyone that you have a new email address.

Ideally, you’d put your new address in the To: field and everyone else in the BCC: field so you are not exposing everyone’s email addresses.

Your next list could be businesses you interact with financially.


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