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Gadgets: Vimble 3 gimbal produces fantastic video results


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The new Vimble 3 gimbal from FeiyuTech is designed especially for social media smartphone users to create videos with professional-quality image stabilization.

The portable gimbal has an internal motor and securely holds a smartphone up to 0.55 pounds and width from 1.92 to 3.46 inches. It connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth and the Feiyu ON app.

Buttons and controls on the the ergonomic handle control what you're trying to film. They include controls for the lens, a function button, joystick, changing modes, a trigger button and a one-button control to switch between horizontal and vertical shooting.

A scrolling wheel is smooth for zooming the lens in and out, and manual focus. If you use the slider button on the side of the handle for zooming the lens, the wheel can be used exclusively for focusing. There's also a programmable memory button where for specific location to be selected, so the focus automatically goes to that spot with the focus speed you choose.

The Vimble 3 shooting modes include: Pan Follow, to follow the videographer's movement; Pan Tilt Follow, 360-degree angle/First Person View; Lock mode; and Flash Follow mode. Once you get the hang of each mode, you'll produce smooth recordings with shake-free footage with pan, rolls and tilt regardless of whether the videographer is walking, running or holding still.

The mode you use depends on what you're trying to produce, but practice is strongly recommended with the Vimble 3 and the app. Not because it's difficult, but if you are new to the gimbal world, it's different, but in the end, the results are fantastic. The bad part is the practice makes it addicting but fun.


Testing it with the iPhone 12 Pro, it was easy to see the results. With the tracking on, simple videos of dogs running in a yard looked like I hired a video crew to film. While they are only interested in the dog's owners, it's easy to see the video quality when using the Vimble 3.

It's built with a foldable design so it can be pulled out of a backpack in seconds. An adjustable 8-inch extension rod is great for selfies, live streaming, and low, wide-angle shots. The built-in chargeable battery will last about 10 hours before a USB-C charge is needed. Accessories, such as fill lights and tracking devices, can be attached. Or attach the tripod with the 1/4-inch threaded hole on the bottom.

The light gray Vimble 3 includes a carry case, portable tripod base, extension rod and a USB-C charging cable.

The features and programming potential of the Vimble 3 are endless. Until you use a gimbal, you don't know how useful they are, but once you do, you'll wonder how you lived without it.


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