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Jim Rossman: Video chat helps take care of mom’s TV malfunction


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You never know when trouble will strike — even during “General Hospital.”

Mom hasn’t hit me up with a tech problem in a while, and I was beginning to feel like she didn’t need me anymore.

Then I got a text message from her last week. She was having trouble with the TV in the living room. Her TCL Roku TV was stuck on the Roku home screen, and she couldn’t get it to change inputs.

I had her turn the set off and then back on, because I thought I had set the TV to always switch to her AT&T U-Verse box when the TV was turned on.

It didn’t.

I’ll have to check that setting the next time I go to visit.


We have it set up so that her U-Verse remote controls the TV power and volume, but it can’t change the TV inputs, so I had her dig out the Roku remote that came with the TV.

As I started explaining to Mom what I wanted her to do, it became obvious that something was amiss.

I ask her to switch over to FaceTime, so she could point the phone at the TV and let me see what she’s seeing.

Here’s my little commercial for using video chat to help solve problems.


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