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Knowledge, a Philadelphia tech start-up, aims to sync TV watching with sports betting

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But Grove believes that sports books have more immediate issues to resolve before they think about the innovation that Epoxy offers, including launching sports books in new states, registering sports bettors more efficiently and handling deposits.

"It's easy to be overly optimistic about the pace of innovation in regulated sports betting," Grove said. "It's kind of like talking about putting solar panels on the roof before you put the roof on."

Ready for some football?

Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, which owns Parx Casino in Bensalem, is taking an early run with Epoxy under the leadership of Matthew Cullen, who was hired four years ago. He heads Greenwood's 100-person digital gambling operation that includes overseeing the company's online sports betting in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan. Cullen expects to expand sports betting to an additional three states. Parx handled $147 million in online sports bets between last July and April, according to figures from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

"Personalization is the next big thing," Cullen said, because "people are going to want to bet on what they bet in the past, or what they like, or what they like to watch." But, Cullen added, echoing Grove, "it's still early days."

Cullen's team will measure whether Epoxy leads to higher retention of bettors, affects the amount of money a bettor bets, and leads to higher engagement time on betParx.


The NFL football season drives television sales and ratings and, figures indicate, online sports betting. Pennsylvania online sports wagering jumped 65%, to $527 million, from August to September 2021, gaming board data show. September is the start of the NFL season. The month with the highest dollar volume in online sports waging in Pennsylvania was January, the month of NFL playoffs, with $737 million in bets.

Cullen said the plan was for the Epoxy app to launch on the betParx betting app for the NFL season.

Angelides said Epoxy would be ready. "It's what we're doing. Sports waits for no one. The game must go on."

As to whether sports bettors would be comfortable with a mobile phone microphone that listens to them, Angelides said that Epoxy's research shows that more than 90% of core and casual bettors report they "like it when the products they use tailor the content to them so it's easier to find what they want and discover new things."


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