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Jim Rossman: These kitchen gifts can make you a better chef


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Pretty much everyone cooks, at least at some level, and these items all make cooking meals easier. All of them are great gifts and will help the recipient become a better chef.

You’ll notice that there are two thermometers in the guide. Knowing the accurate temperature of your food during the cook is crucial.

Most of the other tools here have digital readouts to monitor the exact temperatures of the food.

ThermoWorks Thermapen One

What is it? The Thermapen One is a probe thermometer that returns a very accurate temperature in about one second. It is perfect for checking the internal temperature of meat or any other food.

To turn it on, just extend the probe.


It has a temperature range of -58 degrees to 572 degrees, and the digital display rotates so you can read it no matter the orientation.

It runs on one AAA battery and is water-resistant.

Who is it for? Anyone who cooks should have an accurate probe thermometer.

What does it cost? $105, but look for sales.


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