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Gadgets: Soundcore's Liberty 3 Pro true wireless noise-canceling earbuds a great choice for your holiday gift list


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True wireless earbuds are undoubtedly going to be a popular item on this year's holiday gift lists. Soundcore's Liberty 3 Pro true wireless noise-canceling earbuds are a great choice for that list.

The earbuds can be customized, which is fun to do, but right out of the box the sound is great with a nice clear audio, the right amount of bass, and noise cancellation. Listening to everything from eclectic playlists to Sunday football on a dog walk was great at all volume levels.

Inside each Bluetooth (5.2) earbud is a 10.6mm coaxial dual driver and personalized active noise-canceling. Soundcore has developed the active noise cancellation (ANC) to adapt to the users' volume level and the person's ears. They explain it as their proprietary HearID technology studies how sound moves within your ears as well as the level of in-ear pressure. It then creates a tailored profile that optimizes noise reduction for you, your ears and your surroundings.

A big concern I often hear about true wireless earbuds is the fear of them falling out and being lost. Soundcore goes the extra mile to get give you the right fit with a triple-point ergonomic shape, and built-in ear pressure relief, which adds up to comfort. In the box are four sizes each of flexible ear wings and liquid silicone ear tips. The air-filled wings are perfect for an extra level of security and comfort.

A compact storage charging case is included for the IPX4 splash-proof rated Liberty 3 Pros. A single charge is good for up to six hours with the ANC on, eight hours with it off. The compact USB-C charging case will yield another three full charges to extend the playtime even further. Recharge the case with the included USB-C cable; LED lights on the front show the level of power remaining.

For calls, the Liberty 3 Pro earbuds have six microphones with AI-uplink noise reduction, which translates to crystal clear hands-free calls. A feature, which I find beneficial for calls, is using just one earbud (left or right) while keeping the other in the case. The auto-pause feature puts your music on pause when either earbud is removed.


Tap controls on the earbuds are responsive for play, pause and ANC controls. With the free Soundcore app the tap controls can be customized along with options for equalizer presets, 3D surround sound, and noise-canceling profiles.

Soundcore allows the users to easily upgrade the earbuds firmware for loading new features, which include the upcoming Enhanced Vocal mode for increasing the volume of voices further away.

Available color choices of the Liberty 3 Pros are fog gray, midnight black, frost white and dusk purple. $169.99


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