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Jim Rossman: Going laptop shopping? Read this first


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If you are a photographer, videographer, graphic artist, app designer or someone who makes a living with a computer, the M1 Pro and M1 Max are almost more than you could ask for.

I don’t mean to dissuade home users from buying a 14- or 16-inch model. If you have the money or think you need the power, go for it.

The Pro and Max models start at $1,999 for the 14-inch M1 Pro and $2,499 for the 14-inch M1 Max.

The 16-inch M1 Pro starts at $2,499, and M1 Max starts at $2,699.

As for specs, Apple’s M1 processors have the CPU, RAM and storage all built into the M1 chip.

You can’t update the RAM or storage, so you need to get as much as you think you’ll need when you make your buying decision.


My advice is for home users is to buy the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the standard amount of RAM, which is 8 gigabytes, but to buy the amount of storage you think you’ll need for now and the future. A 256-gigabyte solid state drive is the standard, but I think 512 GB (an extra $200) is a worthwhile upgrade for most people.

If you are a power user considering the 14- or 16-inch models, 16 GB of RAM is standard and an upgrade to 32 GB costs $400.

As for choosing M1 Pro or M1 Max? The Max really shines when doing graphic-intensive tasks. The Max has twice the memory bandwidth of the M1 Pro. has a great article on which new model is right for you.


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