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Jim Rossman: Is upgrading your operating system worth it?


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Reader: It ‘feels like fixing something that’s not broken.’

Last week I wrote about keeping your computer’s operating system up to date. I mentioned that you need to pay attention to software update notifications from your computer and keep current with major upgrades and minor updates.

The minor updates can happen in the background automatically, but major updates require you to choose to apply them, and they’re a bigger deal.

A reader wrote in asking why he should run major updates.

He said it “feels like fixing something that’s not broken.”

I agree that for most people, these annual major updates can feel like a waste of time.


Most people run older operating systems for years without upgrading. As long as your computer works reasonably quickly and without crashing, you’re certainly not hurting anything.

Unless you follow tech news, you probably only hear about computer upgrades when things go wrong and lots of people are having problems or when Microsoft and Apple run commercials for the next big upgrade.

I remember seeing a lot of Microsoft Windows 10 commercials (and now for Windows 11), especially during prime time shows or sporting events.

Tech nerds like me are often excited about new versions. I’m usually an early adopter so I can write about my experiences.


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