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‘Maneater: Truth Quest’ DLC pack adds more shark action on Aug. 31


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2020’s hit action RPG will continue the story of an unstoppable bull shark

Sharks never stop moving. They constantly advance forward to live. And it looks like the developers Tripwire Interactive aren’t resting on their laurels either. More than a year after the team released “Maneater,” the studio is coming out with downloadable content that adds to the story of the game.

Titled “Maneater: Truth Quest,” this $14.99 DLC follows the adventures of the protagonist bull shark after its epic battle with Scaly Pete. Comedian Chris Parnell returns as journalists/narrator Trip Westhaven and follows the bull shark as it gets involved with conspiracies around the city and the Naval Wildlife Organization. Players can expect more off-the-wall action and a new locale, an island off the coast of Port Clovis.

In the DLC, players will find a new evolution set, an increased level cap to 40, five new organ evolutions and an additional organ slot unlocked at level 35. All of this means that the shark that players evolved over the original campaign will grow more powerful. The official art has the monster shooting laser beams out of its mouth if that’s any indication of the creatures improved killing capabilities.


Along with the new powers, players can expect new “uber” Apex Predators and evolved and aggressive wildlife. The military will also come in with new tricks to take down this unstoppable finned menace. Soldiers will attack from the beach and fortifications. Helicopters will hunt the bull shark via air. It sounds like the deep sea and grottos may be the only place that’s safe.

Meanwhile, players will have new bounty bosses to contend with and each of them have new weapons and vehicles. Lastly. players will find new objective types such as time trials where the shark has to swim through rings before time runs out and a task called Failure to Communicate where they have to use the tail whip to destroy objects.

Players can expect to play the DLC on Aug. 31, 2021.

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