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Jim Rossman: What to do when the internet goes down


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Learn how to reset your internet equipment before you have a problem.

I was recently speaking to a friend who said that her home internet goes down at least once per day. She wanted to know if anything could be done to prevent it.

I asked what she did now, and she said she just tries again later.

That’s one way to go.

The fact that the internet comes back tells me the problem is probably not with her devices.

Using my own experiences with the internet going down, I can tell you that it’s hardly ever your fault.


What you’ll need to do is get familiar with your internet gear and figure out how to reset it.

I have fiber internet service at my house and occasionally the service goes down.

If your modem and router are combined, resetting them involves only one step. My Wi-Fi router is separate from my modem, so my first troubleshooting step is to figure out whether the internet is down at the modem or the Wi-Fi system is the issue.

My smart TV is connected directly to my internet modem with an Ethernet cable, so I check the TV to see whether Netflix works. If it does, then the issue is with my Wi-Fi.


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