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CNET: Best DIY home security systems of 2021


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Do-it-yourself home security companies aren't like the ADTs and Vivints of the world. Instead of paying thousands up front or over the course of a multiyear contract to have dozens of devices installed by professionals, you can set up your own system for a few hundred dollars.

Plus, you can usually sign up for professional monitoring services on an optional basis and cancel at any time — without incurring security system early termination fees or other hidden charges.

Read through CNET's picks below to learn more about the best DIY home security system options available today.


Best DIY home security system overall

SimpliSafe Home Security


CNET TAKE: SimpliSafe was one of the first DIY home security system options to hit stores and is a reasonable alternative to ADT and other professional alarm company firms. That's due in large part to this home security system's wide variety of accessories. You can regularly find its starter kit for around $200.

You still have to pay at least a $15 monthly fee to access any remote security features (something that's typically offered for free with other security company systems), but SimpliSafe's impressive array of accessories such as key fob, additional motion sensors, smoke detector, glass break sensor, siren and solid performance make it our top pick overall for a DIY alarm system.


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