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Gadgets: House of Marley Positive Vibration headphones a comfy fit with crystal-clear sound


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The House of Marley Positive Vibration XL ANC over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones have taken over as my morning coffee companion. Not that they aren’t great for almost any use, but just as I reach for putting cream in my coffee, I reach for the headphones to turn off the world for an hour of so every morning.

Regardless of the style, I’ve always thought the most important feature to consider when buying headphones is comfort. Without it, the sound doesn’t matter. So like every other style of headphones I’ve tried, when I started testing these they didn’t get charged, paired or play one note of music until they sat on my head.

After a few minutes, my ears and head were sold on the Ultra comfort memory foam ear cushions and headband, meaning it was time to move on with the music, which will be heard through 40mm high-definition drivers. Trust me, I love the true wireless earbuds, HOM has a great set with the Champion, but sometimes I want the full headphone feeling, which makes it easier to shut out the world ambient sounds.

It’s worth noting that the HOM Positive Vibration XL ANC headphones carry on the company’s tradition of using eco-friendly materials for the headphones. According to HOM, they are crafted using environmentally conscious materials including FSC certified wood, recycled material fabric, recyclable aluminum, and cables from 99 percent post-consumer PE.

While all that’s great, the sound passed my non-scientific testing with flying colors. In a quiet atmosphere, with the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation turned on, the isolation of the sound was crystal clear, and had the right amount of bass. And all without any outside ambient noise. Even with the ANC off Jimmy Buffett played just the same.

The headphones feature advanced quick-charging (USB-C) for 26 hours of play with AND on and 35 hours with it off. A built-in microphone works fine for hands-free calls, and they are built with a foldable hinge design for compact storage.


Controls for ANC, hands-free calls, music and track navigation are on the ear cups and worked well. A storage bag, tangle-free braided aux cable (for wired listening), USB-C charging cable, paperwork and a Marley sticker are included. $149.99 available in black and copper

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