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Gadgets: Dewalt power cleaner kit delivers 10 times the pressure of the average garden hose


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What was supposed to be an hour or two for testing turned into a successful 12-hour cleaning project with the Dewalt 20 V MAX 550 PSI power cleaner kit.

I’ve been a power washing fan for a year, so now adding the portable outdoor cleaner gives me a full arsenal. The 20V MAX 550 PSI power cleaner is an addition this spring to Dewalt’s 20V MAX system, which includes over 200 other products in the rechargeable battery system.

The MAX 500 connects to your garden hose with a quick connect adapter and delivers 10 times the water pressure you’ll get from the average garden hose alone. The connection is standard, straight from the hose to the power washer; just make sure the connection is tight and secure.

Four quick-release connect nozzles, each producing a different degree of spraying, are included. They spray at 15, 25, and 40 degrees along with a turbo nozzle. An attachable soap bottle is included. The wider nozzles produce a gentler wash, while the narrower nozzles have a greater and more focused pressure.

For power, a rechargeable 20V MAX XR DCB205 Battery (5.0Ah) is included with a charger. Like any gadget that runs on portable batteries, it’s a good idea to get a second one. The battery connects to the power washer in a plastic watertight compartment. A storage bag is included.

Initially, with the 550 PSI power cleaner, my thinking was this would be good for minor cleaning and projects a more powerful power washer can handle. Yes, it’s great for the small things but with the portability, there’s so much more you can do without having the pull anything around besides the attached garden hose.


My 12-hour cleaning mission took me from starting on my back patio to window moldings, gutters and even taking spiderwebs off of shrubs. There were small cleaning stops here and there on stuff I’d never put 2400 PSI of water pressure on such as the sides of my pool, outdoor furniture and car bumpers.

Water can also be drawn to the washer with the included suction hose for small projects. I used a five-gallon bucket for some simple tasks, which I can’t emphasize enough how quick and easy this makes it compared to rolling out my bigger power washer. Obviously, some serious power washing needs to be done like full driveways, etc., more PSIs are needed. But for quick, easy and fast needs, this Dewalt Max 550 is the way to go.

The best compliment you can get after getting a new tool is your neighbors coming over and asking about it, followed by “where did you get that?” $199 for the kit or $149 for just the power washer.


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