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Gadgets: Easy-to-use dash cam


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When you look at the specs for Viofo A139 triple channel dash cam, it’s easy for non-tech heads to be intimidated and stay away from it. But don’t. Dash cameras are a technology gadget you think you don’t need until you do, which is often too late.

If you are ever in an accident, there's no better evidence than video.

Yes, the Viofo A139 does a lot but the most important aspect is how easy it is to set up and instantly use. Once you see the high-quality image it produces and records (MP4 and JPG), it’s easy to see why this is almost a must-have.

The triple cameras include a front-facing, interior infrared, and one for the rear window, so everything is recorded without having to sacrifice a view. Along with the cameras, quick-release mounting equipment, easy installation cables, car charger adapter and instructions are all included. It does take a little time for installation, but it’s nothing to shy away from doing on your own.

Each camera has a Sony sensor, which records in full HD. You’ll really see the effect of the Sony sensors after recording night vision, which provides incredible detail. The front has a 140-degree wide-angle view; the inside and rear are 170-degrees. The front also has a nearly 300-degree rotation to get the best angle needed.

The recording resolutions at 30fps for the front is 2560-by-1440P; the interior and rear record at 1920-by-1080P. All three cameras can record simultaneously. Content is stored on a microSD memory card, class 10 up to 256GB.


The interior camera has a 6-element infrared LED lamp system, which translates to complete coverage of the interior for day or night.

Other features include parking mode, time-lapse, GPS with route data and vehicle speed, dual-band Wi-Fi built-in with 2.4GHz and 5GHzWiFi for transferring content, and audio recording. An external microphone can be added to capture audio in specific locations.

The feature I’m a fan of is the parking mode’s auto event detection. It’s not a guarantee you’ll get recordings of situations (for example when a shopping cart hits your car) but it will automatically record a video clip when something is detected while the vehicle is parked.

The free Viofo companion app (App Store and Google Play) is user-friendly to help with the setup, live view, playing recordings, downloading and even sharing some breathtaking video on social media.


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