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Quick thoughts on OtterBox’s five Xbox gaming products


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Otterbox is known for its smartphone cases. They’re tough and durable like armor wrapped around an expensive and delicate piece of tech. Although the company has experience on that front, it’s venturing into the unknown with its gaming products.

Yes, Otterbox is getting into mobile gaming business with five items designed around smartphones. Like the cases, they’re mainly built with protection in mind and have different use cases — some being more practical than others. Here’s a first look and quick thoughts about each of them.

Mobile Gaming Clip — With cloud gaming gaining steam and more powerful processors, smartphones have become a serious platform for core gaming. Services such as Google Stadia show they can handle games such as “Cyberpunk 2077” and Microsoft has proven that the Xbox Series X remote play can be a lifesaver if you want to game while a family member is using the TV.

For these solutions to work, players need a dedicated smartphone controller or a smartphone holder that attaches to a controller players already own. While devices such as the Razer Kishi can be expensive prospects, claws or gaming clips are a more affordable alternative. Otterbox’s Mobile Gaming Clip offers more versatility than its peers.

First off, the clip can be used on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X controller. The RapidAdjust system lets users move the screen at comfortable viewing angles. A part of the clip can be removed and turned into a stand for tabletop gaming. It’s also big enough to fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the three-pronged claws holding it firmly in place without it accidentally pressing buttons.

Living up to the Otterbox reputation, the Clip feels rugged but it’s surprisingly light-weight at 66.8 grams. That means it doesn’t add too much weight to the gaming experience though I did use it with the controller on my lap. The smartphone adds most of the heft to the setup. As for the fit, it’s snug and holds up even when players are rapidly tapping on the face buttons so that it shakes the contraption. The one caveat is that the Clip does make it tougher to use the View and Menu buttons at the center of the controller.


Overall, the Mobile Gaming Clip, priced at $29.95, is a solid way to play games on the smartphones.

Gaming Carry Case — If you’re looking for a carrying case for your Xbox controller, Otterbox has players covered with this peripheral. It’s reminiscent of the ones that come with the Xbox Elite Wireless controller or the Astro C40 TR.

Ideally, this is for players who travel a lot and want to keep their controllers in good shape. The case has added functionality as the top part has a dedicated stand for smartphones. In the back, players have a sealable port that lets them charge a controller while it’s inside. It has extra pockets for wires and smaller accessories. It can even fit the Mobile Gaming Clip and a controller.

It’s not a case for everybody, but I imagine it would be most useful for frequent fliers. It costs $44.95.


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