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Jim Rossman: There are a few ways to listen to your music from the cloud


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I received a follow-up question to my column about copying songs from CDs to your computer's hard drive.

"I'm writing in regard to your recent column about ripping CDs. I have done that with my CDs and they are on my Mac Mini. My question is can they be stored on the cloud so I can listen to them on my iPhone when I am elsewhere?"

There are several ways to put your music in the cloud and stream it to your devices.

Let's talk about one free option and one that costs money.


I'm a big fan of the free media server called Plex, which can serve up your music and your videos for playback on devices that can run the free Plex app.


You'll need to download the Plex server software and install it on a computer. I run Plex at my house on a Synology NAS box (network attached storage). Then I uploaded my music library to the Plex server and loaded the Plex client onto my iPhone.

You can easily load the Plex server onto a Macintosh or Windows computer or iOS or Android device.

Plex makes the media available to you from any connected device that runs the Plex client. You really don't have to do much to set up the access outside your home network. Plex will walk you through the set-up process.

I find that having access to all my music on my phone when I'm away from home is very nice. You can even share your music with anyone else running Plex.


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