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Review: Despite murky messaging, 'Marvel's Avengers' shows its potential


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She brings the team together and helps find the truth behind the events of A-Day. The campaign itself tends to wander in places, and the game recycles maps. The mission design is rather simplistic and repetitive, but are more of a showcase for each character. That all comes to a head as the Avengers assemble to take on Advanced Idea Mechanics, the company that takes over Stark's assets, and its leader MODOK, a supervillain who has the power to control machines.

Although the conclusion of the single-player campaign is satisfying, that's just the beginning for "Marvel's Avengers." Because it's built in the mold of "Destiny," Crystal Dynamics and company have to worry about the end game. That's not the "Avengers" film, it's the state of the project after players complete the initial campaign.

Developers usually have a plan to unfurl new content over the next few months to keep players interested in the game. This is where fans will find additional adventures and where players can learn to appreciate the depth of the gameplay.

With "Marvel's Avengers," the team built a deep customization and progression system to keep players busy for now. They can upgrade heroes a huge amount as they progress the skill trees. On the other end, they can fine tune their hero by hunting for better equipment by playing through the same missions over and over again. It's redundant but the fact that players have six characters to master will keep them busy until at least the next content drop.

"Marvel's Avengers" will continue to evolve over time, and, as the developers add new content, they'll also fix the game's many bugs. This means it will eventually get better over time, but as it stands now, it's a title that will satisfy fans and sate their appetite for more Marvel content while they wait for the film and shows to get back on track. With the project defined, it's an adventure worth getting into if you're a Marvel fan.




3 stars out of 4

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia. (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in the future)

Rating: Teen

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