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Jim Rossman: Free streaming content is getting harder to find


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A reader wrote me recently about trying to navigate the free TV streaming jungle.

He has a Roku for streaming content with a login for PBS' Passport streaming service provided through his contributions to PBS.

He'd like to explore other shows and networks, noting that many of them tout "streaming the following day."

He tried to watch the CW network, but calling the local station didn't yield any help setting up CW streaming.

"How does one set up "streaming the next day" type of service they all say on their popular shows? Going to anything like just never mentions streaming. There must be a simple manner for the common folk."

The answer is anything but simple, especially if you don't want to pay - sorry.


You can get local channels, including the CW, for free with an over-the-air antenna.

If you are a cord-cutter and you want to stream free stuff, you'll need to investigate each network you'd like to watch.

If you have a Roku or Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV device, you can find apps for most networks, but I have to warn you that it may not be easy to find a ton of free shows.

Poke around and you'll find free sections in most network apps, but those offerings are generally limited to certain shows, a few recent episodes or even clips of shows. You'll find the rest of the shows are locked unless you are a subscriber.


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