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Gadgets: Summer fun with this gear


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Despite everything else, the summer kicks off this Memorial Day weekend and there are some great gadgets to ensure your fun in the sun has perfect sound, is well-charged and even keeps your beverages chilled.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is party-ready with the most powerful sound I've seen from a portable wireless speaker. Yes, it's big with a 14.33-by-7.5-by-7.5-inches size, but a carrying handling makes the 13-pound speaker portable.

With booming bass, the party-happy speaker has a wide dynamic range to bring music to all ends of your party. During my testing, trust me that my neighbors heard Jimmy Buffett playing loud and clear several houses away.

The USB rechargeable 24-hour battery charges in 2.6 hours and the Hyperboom has adaptive EQ so it reads the environment and automatically adjusts the sound to fill any space.

With the latest Bluetooth, it can store and remember up to eight paired devices so playlists can come from many sources. A splash-proof IPX4 lets it sit poolside and the BOOM app lets you customize the sound and more.

A top sided one-touch control button changes the music controls the volume and accesses music services. Covered ports include a USB charge out, optical input, aux input and power. $399.99

Size wise, the Jabra Elite active 75t true wireless earbuds are small enough to fit in each ear but deliver powerful and simply fantastic sound with innovative features.

Jabra's new HearThrough technology lets you use a slider to adjust how much of the outside world you want to hear. It's pretty amazing how easy and well it worked in different environments.

The durable earbuds with 6 mm speakers and passive noise cancellation in each side are summer-ready IP57-rated, which actually makes them fully waterproof up to 1-meter so workout sweat and splashes are not a problem. With the included storage USB-C charging case, they will last for up to 28 hours of playback, which is also aided by a low-power Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and an intelligent power management system.


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