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Tech Q&A: What to do about the iPad Pro screen freeze

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Q: The screen keeps freezing on the Apple iPad Pro (the 12.9-inch-screen model) that I bought last fall. Apple's online service had me update the software, then reset the iPad, but it didn't help. An Apple store technician did the same things, with the same result. What can I do?

-- Pamela Noell, Bartow, Fla.

A: The screen-freezing problem has plagued iPad Pro models for more than a year. Since your iPad is still within its one-year warranty, I suggest you return it to Apple.

Alternatively, there are potential fixes.

Here is what to try when the screen freezes:

-- Use the "force restart" feature. Press the "volume up" button for a second, then the "volume down" button for another second. Press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo.


-- Try the "app switcher." Double-click the "home" button to turn on the app switcher; close the app that was active when the screen froze. (A troublesome app can be uninstalled by tapping "settings," then "general," then "iPad storage." Tap the app in the list, then choose "delete app.")

Here's what to try when the iPad is working:

-- Close any apps you have left open. They are in "standby mode," and if one stops working it can cause problems. To close them, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, but stop midscreen. Swipe right or left to view the standby apps, and close each one by swiping up.

-- Make sure the iPad is charged. If you are using a non-Apple charger, try an Apple one.


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