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News Media Alliance pushes for new Senate antitrust bill

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The alliance's revenue has declined in recent years to $7.3 million, according to the group's 2017 IRS Form 990, from $8.4 million in its 2015 Form 990. But its total assets were up to $22.5 million in the 2017 disclosure from about $20.7 million in 2015 one.

"We've become much sharper edged," Chavern said.

That's not unique to the news lobby, either. The trade association sector itself is in the throes of disruption as members flee and groups consolidate.

"The News Media Alliance as a trade association is no different than any other trade association in Washington, in 2019," K Street headhunter Ivan Adler said. "They must focus on bringing value to their members, otherwise they will become irrelevant."

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