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Tech Q&A: Fixing a slow wireless keyboard

Steve Alexander, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) on

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Q: I'm getting sluggish response time from my PC's wireless keyboard. I wonder if that's because my PC has 204 computing processes running at once. What should I do?

-- Mike Bania, Bloomington, Minn.

A: It's possible that your PC is slowing as a result of too much software running.

But having 204 processes running simultaneously is not excessive, so you should consider other possible causes.

Here's a list of things to check:

-- See if the wireless keyboard needs new batteries.


-- Make sure the wireless keyboard is within a foot of the computer.

-- Check if the keyboard's wireless link is affected by electronic interference. There should be no gadgets, such as speakers, between the PC and the keyboard. Try unplugging other USB devices from your PC to see if they are causing interference.

-- Make sure that a Windows feature called "filter keys" is turned off. That program, designed for people with physical impairments, causes the PC to ignore keystrokes that may have been unintended. (See "Disable filter keys" at

If those things don't help, look at broader PC issues (see, such as:


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