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How Domino's used technology to woo millennials and beat rival Pizza Hut

Frank Witsil, Detroit Free Press on

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To many, it really wasn't.

But, the video made headlines and gave the company a chance to tout its commitment technology.

Then, the next year, Domino's created an app that let you order -- and pay -- from your Ford vehicle.

At the time, Domino's president and CEO said, it was "one of the coolest in a long list of recent technology innovations for Domino's," and added that about 40 percent of its sales were generated by online orders.

He may have been exaggerating about it being cool.

But, again, it was an innovation that made headlines.By the end of the year, Domino's offered yet another technological advance: Dom, the company's Siri-like order-taking voice aimed at making online ordering a more conversational experience and putting the company in the company of tech innovators like Apple.

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"What'll ya have?" Dom could ask.

More headlines.

And again, not everyone was buying into the pizza company's tech revolution. Some even suggested it was a waste.

One customer took to YouTube to publicly criticize Dom.


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