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How Domino's used technology to woo millennials and beat rival Pizza Hut

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Not only has Domino's managed to bring in more than 60 percent of its business through digital channels, it convinced a generation of pizza lovers -- many of them so-called digital natives -- that the company really does get them.

"Oh totally!" said Laura Khalil, 37, of Detroit, who has used the iPhone app. "They understand people's desire to have things when they want it, how they want it -- and get it through the channels they use. It's genius."

Khalil -- who said she loves Domino's pizza but is now trying to eat healthier -- added the company caters to a quick fix.

"If I can just send a pizza emoji, I don't have to think a lot," she said. "And their pizza is really good. I don't think any of this would work if their product was disgusting. What I love most about their app is it answered the No. 1 question I always had: Where is my pizza?"

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A decade ago, Domino's started its digital transformation with its Pizza Tracker, a system to track pizzas on their way to their destination. Over the years, it rolled out all sorts of innovations.

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At first, there was skepticism -- and even some ridicule.

Some of it was even within the company.

"There was a lot of pushback across the board from a lot of folks," Maloney said.

In 2013, Domino's put a camera in a kitchen and live-streamed it. It called the feature "Domino's Live." It was not quite reality TV. There was just video, no audio, and it was only in one store in Salt Lake City. Domino's officials said they hoped the behind-the-scenes show would be entertaining to watch.


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