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Jennifer Van Grove: How to find must-watch streaming TV series

Jennifer Van Grove, San Diego Union-Tribune on

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The newsletter has since taken on a life of its own; it's become a bigger thing than I initially imagined. I didn't think I'd be trying to watch new shows every week to try to review them. It's a pretty big schedule. But when you hear the feedback that you turned somebody on to something new, it feels good.

Q. How well is the newsletter performing?

It has a dedicated readership. The people who read it, read every issue. It has the highest come-back readership (of the newsletters we publish), where people open every issue.

Q. How much time do you spend watching streaming TV shows?

A lot. I do have a rule where I give shows three episodes. If by three episodes, I'm not hooked, then I've got to move on. If I don't think a show has any real value. I just don't write about it. That's tough.

Sometimes I'll invest three episodes into something and then I'll have that moment of, ugh I don't like this enough to write about it.

Q. How do you keep up with all that's new in the streaming TV realm?

It's not possible to keep up with everything.

There is one site I use that not a lot of people know about called It only works for Netflix and Amazon. It's really great because all they do is publish a feed. So it's like, here's what's popular in the last 24 hours and here's new stuff. It will surface things that you may not naturally find on Netflix.

Otherwise, I'm using blogs and social media, and trying to keep up with what people are talking about.


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