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Sound Advice: Vibes Hi-Fidelity earplugs can be used with light machinery

Don Lindich, Tribune News Service on

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Q. Are the Vibes Hi-Fidelity earplugs you recently wrote about also OK to use for operating leaf blowers and stuff like that?

-- J.F., Mt. Lebanon, Pa.

A. I contacted the manufacturer and they say the earplugs can be used with light machinery, providing their specified 22 dB of reduction. While not as effective as over-ear protection, they certainly are better than not using protection at all.

Q. I have a Sony digital SLR with an 18mm-135mm Sony zoom lens. I would like something with a bit more reach but the fast, pro-grade 70-200mm 2.8 lenses are expensive ($2,500), so I have been saving up to buy one. I recently came across a used photo equipment site called, and they had older Tamron and Sigma 100mm-300mm autofocus lenses on sale in Minolta mount (which works with Sony) for only $17 each, with a coupon code for 15 percent off. The coupon code expired, but they still have the lenses available for $17, so I may just get one and use it as a stopgap. Which would be better, and do you think I am wasting my time trying this?

-- J.T., Atlantic City, N.J.

A. I visited and was able to find the lenses you are asking about. Both lenses you are early-2000s vintage and were designed for use with film. They will work fine with your Sony body, though autofocus speed will be slower and they will likely be a bit noisier when they focus, as well. On your camera they will behave like 150mm-450mm equivalent lenses, which is really quite a lot of reach.

The optical quality is likely to only rate as fair compared to what you are used to, but I think it is worth a shot. KEH is a good outfit and they are very easy to do business with. Given the lenses are only $17 each I would buy both of them. Put your camera on a tripod, take pictures with each of them at the 100mm, 200mm and 300mm settings and compare the images. Keep the one you like better and return the other for a refund.

If you want to bypass this testing and get a good lens, KEH also has a Sigma 70-300 F/4-5.6 DG Macro lens for $76. This is a modern lens designed for digital that is quite good, and given your $2,500 goal the $76 won't set you back very much. Even when you have your 70mm-200mm 2.8 the extra reach of 300mm will be useful sometimes, and the Sigma lens is much smaller and lighter, too. and

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