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On this date in history:

In 1763, the Treaty of Paris ended the Seven Years' War between Britain and Spain and also the French and Indian War, with France ceding Quebec to Great Britain.

In 1870, the Young Women's Christian Association was founded in New York.

In 1897, the slogan All The News That's Fit To Print first appeared on Page One of The New York Times.

In 1931, New Delhi was made the capital of India.

In 1962, captured U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers was returned to the United States by Russia in exchange for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel.

In 1964, 82 Australian sailors died when an aircraft carrier and a destroyer collided off New South Wales, Australia.

In 1992, an Indianapolis jury convicted former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson in the rape of a beauty pageant contestant. Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison and released after three.

In 1996, a computer -- IBM's Deep Blue -- won a game against world champion chess player Garry Kasparov. But Kasparov won three games and drew two others in winning the overall match with Deep Blue.

In 2005, Prince Charles, Britain's heir to the throne, announced plans to marry longtime companion Camilla Parker Bowles. Their wedding was on April 9.

In 2006, the Winter Olympic Games opened in Turin -- also called Torino -- Italy. It was Luciano Pavarotti's final performance.

In 2007, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus assumed control of the U.S. forces in Iraq at a ceremony in Baghdad. He described his new job as hard but not hopeless.

In 2011, a 14-year-old suicide bomber in a school uniform attacked an army parade ground in Pakistan, killing at least 27 soldiers and injuring more than 40 others.

In 2013, the northeastern United States was digging out from a monster snowstorm that killed nine people and left at least 400,000 households without power.

In 2014, Shirley Temple Black, who was often called the most famous child star in history (movies Little Miss Marker and Bright Eyes, and songs On the Good Ship Lollipop and Animal Crackers in My Soup) died at her home in Woodside, Calif. She was 85.

In 2016, businesswoman Carly Fiorina and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie suspended their campaigns for the Republican nomination to be president.

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