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In 1531, an earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal, killed an estimated 20,000 people.

In 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte and 1,200 men left his exile on the Isle of Elba to start his 100-day campaign to regain France.

In 1935, Germany began operation of its air force, the Luftwaffe, under Reichmarshal Hermann Goering.

In 1952, Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that the United Kingdom had an atomic bomb.

In 1984, the last U.S. Marines sent to Lebanon as part of a multinational peacekeeping force left Beirut. Some 250 of the deployed 800 Marines died during the 18-month mission in the war-torn Lebanese capital.

In 1991, U.S. Marines entered Kuwait City as Iraqi troops retreated.


In 1992, a U.N. report accused Iraq of systematic human rights violations including brutal torture and widespread arbitrary and summary executions during its occupation of Kuwait.

In 1993, a powerful bomb exploded in the parking garage below the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, killing six people and injuring more than 1,000.

In 1994, 11 members of the Branch Davidian religious cult were acquitted of murder and conspiracy charges stemming from the 1993 federal raid and siege at the compound near Waco, Texas.

In 1997, the Israeli Cabinet approved development of a large Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem, a traditionally Arab area.


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