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The genius of Einstein was not only in his scientific theories, but also in his willingness for extreme self-promotion. Much of his early fame can be attributed to the fact that he went on a whirlwind world tour to promote his discoveries, dining with the rich and famous and powerful the world over. Gaining global headlines and firmly establishing the scientist as a superstar. Today, scientists like Brian Greene and Michio Kaku can only dream of such fanfare surrounding their groundbreaking work in search of the elusive Unifying Theory which Einstein himself spent his final days contemplating, to no avail.

From E=MC2 To The X-Files

Many actors have portrayed the wiry-haired genius on the silver screen. Most notably was Walter Matthau's witty turn as the mad scientist in the 1994 romantic comedy, "IQ". Australian comedian, Yahoo Serious took a hare-brained stab at in the farcical, "Young Einstein" in 1988. Even Robert Downey Jr. has portrayed him in the 1990 film, "That's Adequate". We here at T-Shirt King have voted and would enjoy seeing David Duchovny portray Mr. Einstein during his earlier years. Go figure.

Albert Einstein Institution

Having developed the means that led to creation of the world's most destructive weapon, The Albert Einstein Institution has been striving for new ways of nonviolent conflict resolution, just like Mr. Einstein himself endeavored to do while he was alive. The institution is committed to defending democratic freedoms and institutions - opposing oppression, dictatorship and genocide - reducing reliance on violence as an instrument of policy. For our sakes, it's too bad Mr. Einstein isn't still around these days.


Young Einstein

Einstein's popularity is legendary, you would be hard pressed to find anyone on the planet that had not heard of him. His very name is equated with genius. Despite his amazing feats later in his life, young Einstein didn't fair so well in the eyes of those around him. He was a horrible student, which he attributes to boredom, his teachers attribute it to an abrasive ego. His parents had concerns for him as well, because he couldn't speak fluently until his ninth birthday, leading his parents to suspect that he might be mentally challenged. Yeesh, what's a genius to do?

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