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Organize Your Travel Photos This Simple Way


By Victor Block

Experts predict that in 2021 people around the world will take about 1.4 trillion photographs, many of them while traveling. That estimate, by the digital imaging consulting firm Keypoint Intelligence, includes me -- and probably you.

The big question is: What will you do with those photos -- and the ones you've taken before? The answers usually include throwing prints of vacation trips into boxes or placing them in albums, storing slides in protector sheets and saving digital images in a computer in a haphazard way. All of this makes it challenging to locate what you're looking for when you wish to find it.

There is a better way. It will take some time, but with travel somewhat limited and memories of past trips making many people long to relive favorite vacations, family gatherings and other treasured events, now is a good time to get your photographic house in order. Then you can see the images of the people you love and recall a magnificent setting or favorite experience from a vacation any time you like.

Here are tips, based on my experience and that of experts, about how to take advantage of downtime you might have now or free hours in evenings or on weekends. Depending upon how many photo images you have, the task may sound daunting, but the ultimate reward will be delightful.

The first step is to find your photos. Try to remember where you've stored prints, slides and digital images and retrieve them. Search your computer and look for files that have a "JPG" extension. Check your iPhone, iPad and any other devices.


Delete those that are undesirable. Flip through prints, scan slides and peruse digital images and delete those you don't wish to keep. Remove duplicates, low-quality pictures and unwanted memes you might have received. Keep in mind that what might seem to be not worth saving perhaps could, with some cropping and enhancement, be interesting or have some family or other historical value.

Digitize the desirable prints and slides you want to keep for the long haul. Search your prints and albums and consider reaching out to family and friends to see if they have any that they (and you) would like to add to the collection.

Make time to organize. After you've pared down the images to those few (or perhaps hundreds or thousands) you wish to keep, it's time to get them in order.

Ana Carvajal, a professional photo organizer and owner of Posterity Pro, suggests that one approach is to organize photos chronologically by year and then get more detailed. Tagging with identification information that travels with digital image files helps computers to search and sort files and folders.


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