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Family Fun at Majestic Mammoth Mountain


By Margot Black

For a spectacular family nature escape, look no farther than Mammoth Lakes in California. This picturesque vacation destination offers travelers a stimulating scenic atmosphere where they can learn more about myriad outdoor activities. Our family had the pleasure of partaking in a glorious skiing, snowmobiling and tubing getaway in Mammoth during springtime that delivered all the adventure we could ever have asked for.

Tucked away in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mammoth Lakes is an alpine community that is easily accessible from the Mammoth Yosemite Airport, which is situated 10 minutes from town. Our family stayed in a spacious condo at the Snowcreek Resort. Our stay here may have changed me for life because we had a washer and dryer, and now I don't think I'll ever be able to travel again without those amenities because they made our lodging so easy.

We got our ski rental equipment from Black Tie Skis, who scored major mom points not only for coming to our condo the night before we skied for our in-room fittings but also for their top-notch equipment. Later that evening we had a delicious dinner at Giovanni's Pizza. We ordered their Masterpiece pizza that is endearingly offered in a hearty "Mammoth" size that satisfied all the hungry mouths in our family.

The next morning, we grabbed a healthy breakfast and felt like locals ready to start our epic day at the charming Stellar Brew. My main goal for this trip was to sneak in some fun learning activities for the kids. After a year of online learning I wanted to ensure we were still immersing ourselves in the joy of hands-on learning experiences. For this reason, we spent our first day at Mammoth in ski and snowboarding school. We picked up our lift tickets at Canyon Lodge ticket counter and began our daily lesson. Since we were all at different skill levels we had different instructors, and I absolutely adored mine. Dave was a fabulous 69-year-old who has been teaching for an impressive 40 years. Mammoth had some incredible beginner slopes that I zipped around, enjoying runs such as Spring Canyon, Schoolyard and Roller Coaster Express. These ski lessons were an enriching way to explore Mammoth, get the lay of the land and inspire the kids to remember that learning can be fun.

Our dinner that evening at Bleu Market and Kitchen truly hit the spot after working up such an appetite from all that skiing and snowboarding. Here we enjoyed all sorts of divine small-plate tapas, such as lamb meatballs and boneless short ribs. Everyone got to sample a wide array of freshly prepared culinary delights in this epicurean marketplace with an open-kitchen environment.


The next day we switched gears and spent the morning tubing at Woolly's Tube Park. This was an excellent way to take a break from skiing and give our tired muscles some much-needed rest. We had so much fun screaming and twirling our way down the lanes in our high-speed snow tube. This is a fun-for-all-ages Mammoth activity that literally requires zero effort, and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to have some local action without having to ski.

Lunch at Old New York Deli was just the ticket for our family to unwind after snow tubing, and they definitely delivered on their classic Reuben sandwiches. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon snowmobiling. This was one of my favorite non-skiing snow activities because I had the opportunity to take in breathtaking vistas in a way that I would never have seen otherwise because we were so deep in the woods. Going off the beaten path during our snowmobile excursion was an adventure unlike any other.

That night we enjoyed some warm noodles and tasty boba at Noodle-LY, and the next morning we had some phenomenal breakfast burritos at Salsa's Taqueria. Then fully recharged, we hit the slopes yet again for more amazing skiing at Mammoth Mountain. The Yodeler restaurant at the base of the mountain is fun for sharing huge pretzels and beer tastings creatively delivered on a wood ski.

By the time we got to the Warming Hut for dinner we were still exhilarated from all the adrenaline-fueled outdoor adventure we had that day. This restaurant's cozy mountain vibe and scrumptious dinner selections were the perfect way to cap off our day of Mammoth-sized fun. We grabbed breakfast and lavender coffee at Black Velvet the next morning before we departed with big smiles for miles.


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