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Casino's guitar-shaped hotel is a rock star. Here's what's coming for the debut

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This guitar-shaped hotel soars 450 feet into the sky, an extravagant glass structure that no one can miss.

The Seminole Hard Rock & Casino's audacious $1.5 billion expansion is commanding the attention of commuters on highways, passengers aboard planes and residents near and far who've watched it rise the past two years.

The Hard Rock for the first time recently gave a sneak peek inside this behemoth, whose construction began two years ago and is now finally nearing completion. "What we're doing is we're putting the line in the sand: Hell or high water, we're going to open," Jim Allen, CEO of Hard Rock International, said at the sprawling Hollywood, Fla., resort.

Here's a look at what you'll see when it opens on Oct. 24.

What has now become an integrated resort will be home to three hotel towers, including the 35-floor guitar structure, which contains 638 luxury guestrooms.

There is an adjacent "Oasis Tower" with 168 rooms overlooking a pool lagoon area dubbed "Bora Bora."


Chickee-cabanas will dot the banks of the pool, which also will include beach club dining and activities such as paddle boats and canoes.

All of the hotel rooms will be 515 square feet, which is well in excess of an industry standard of roughly 400 square feet.

Guests checking into the new hotel space will be greeted by "The Oculus," a continuous show of light, sound and waterfalls choreographed by computer programs.

From the Oasis Tower, guests can take in an overview of the lagoon with the guitar hotel looming above it.


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