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How I lived it up in Vegas without breaking the bank

Amelia Rayno, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) on

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I took a breath, buried my pride and slid the $20 bill across the counter, suggestively.

"Are there any complimentary upgrades available?" I asked the woman working the check-in at the Luxor Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

I was in town for four nights and on a mission to live it up in Las Vegas while keeping my bank account in check -- so I'd packaged my flight and hotel, chosen the cheapest room available and hoped for a little of that Sin City sleaze to make my stay a little more lavish.

Simple bribery? Unabashed passing of the cash? I'd heard that worked.

Sometimes, anyway.

The woman checking me in eyed the offering but never stopped typing on her computer.

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"No," she retorted, without acknowledging the money now awkwardly languishing between us.

Defeated, I reached for the bill and pulled it back, clumsily.

Oh, well, there were plenty of other ways to save in Vegas, a wonderfully wacky alternate universe in which deals are pitched as eagerly as dice on a craps table -- as long as you know where to look.

And one such offer was five seconds away.


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