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Taking the Kids: Another piece of pita in Dubai

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- I'm on in intense roller coaster, except there's no track and we're not in a theme park.

We're in the middle of the Arabian Desert at a nearly 140-square-mile Desert Conservation Reserve about an hour southeast of Dubai riding in a four-wheel drive SUV up and down 6,200-...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiging the American Museum of Natural History

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What's his story? What's hers? That's what we invariably want to know about people when we first meet them, whether we're kids or adults.

But that usually doesn't apply to people who lived thousands of years ago. Now, the new exhibition Mummies at the ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Sneak peek at Disney's Pandora -- the World of Avatar

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Sivako! That's Na'vi for "Rise to the Challenge" -- in this case, the challenge is riding on the back of a giant Banshee high over floating mountains, plunging through ancient caves, splashing a scary giant sea creature, even encountering the great leonopteryx with his 45-foot wingspan. I can feel the Banshee's breath. Gulp! And beneath me is a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Mom's Day gifts for the traveling moms in your life

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It's always the little things. It's the little things that make you more comfortable on a plane, a hike or sightseeing with a gaggle of kids.

The little things that make you feel more fashionable -- and fashion forward -- even when you are living out of a suitcase.

A water bottle that won't leak, a travel coffee mug that makes a really good ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Headed to San Francisco for a summer of love

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Feeling groovy? Take the kids and grandkids to San Francisco where the city is marking the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with a year's worth of special events, exhibits, concerts and more.

For those too young to remember, San Francisco was a magnet in the late '60s for musicians, artists ...Read more

Taking the Kids: On a long-haul flight

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Is it possible for a long flight with kids not to be tortuous? Perhaps, if a flight attendant invites a little girl to help serve, or walks through the cabin offering kids their choice of age-appropriate toys and Polaroid photos of them in captain or flight attendant hats.

"It makes their flight," said Luisa Jangemi, a longtime flight attendant...Read more

Taking the Kids: Free attractions in Washington, D.C. for the Spring

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Let's get one thing straight. Washington, D.C., is not a state, nor is it part of any state. It is a federal district (sometimes called just "the District" by locals) created specifically to be the seat of government for the United States, located on land that was donated by the states of Maryland and Virginia.

It's also a very popular family ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating Harry Potter in Britain on his 20th anniversary

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Harry, has it really been 20 years? Yes, it's been that long since we met you and Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and your professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in J.K. Rowling's book "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Twenty years since anxious readers waited in line at midnight for your next adventure and dressed as ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Traveling with millennials in wine country

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Uh-oh. We were kayaking at the mouth of the Russian River in Jenner, California, when the tide started coming in. The wind was strong at our backs, making it hard to steer, and my husband and I couldn't seem to keep the kayak going in the right direction.

We didn't have far to go -- we'd already been to the beach where the 66-mile river meets ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Keeping kids water safe on cruise ships over spring break

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The pool is packed. Everyone is having fun, but who is watching the kids? You should be no farther than an arm's length away, says B.J. Fisher, the health and safety director for the American Lifeguard Association, which trains lifeguards around the world.

It's easy -- far too easy -- to lose track...Read more

Taking the Kids: Tips and pleasures for late season on and off the slopes

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Howard Seigelman hadn't figured on the tears. Not the grandkids, aged four and eight, going to ski school for the first time at Keystone Resort, his.

"It brought back memories of all the ski trips when my daughter was their age," said Seigelman, who has been skiing at Keystone for more than 15 years. "It's been my dream to ski with my grandkids...Read more

Taking the Kids: Spring break

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Who says spring break is just for college kids? Certainly not the families impatiently waiting in line at Orlando theme parks, but at least it's not as hot as in midsummer!

And not the families racing down snow slopes in Colorado and Utah, or those splashing in the pools on Carnival ships. "Spring break is one of our busiest times for families,...Read more

Taking the Kids: Finding hidden gems in snow country

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Can you keep a secret? "We only tell our nearest and dearest friends," laughs Denverite Amanda Arguello, mom of two, ages 6 and 4.

She's talking about Ski Cooper, a small -- and inexpensive -- snow resort just outside Leadville, Colorado, and a half-hour from Vail and other major Colorado resorts. But a family of four can ski here for less than...Read more

Taking the Kids: Finding the value at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico

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The three Goenka kids are splashing in the pool with their dad, while their mom sits poolside in the sun, a big smile on her face. "A real vacation," sighs Kelly Goenka, noting that it is the first resort vacation for the Toronto family since before the birth of their 4 year old.

The family had chosen Azul Beach Resort the Fives, a homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1927793">Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting Antarctica

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Who needs a sled! In Antarctica, they're superfluous -- for both humans and penguins. The Chinstrap penguins we watch (so named because of their black markings that resemble a chin strap) effortlessly slide down a big ice floe into the water amid the floating chunks of ice, leaving tracks just like skiers on a powder day.

The 34 kids that are ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Black History Month

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Athletes, scientists, musicians, the president of the United States. Kids growing up today, as President Obama underscored in the last days of his presidency, get that African Americans have and will continue to make enormous contributions to our country and to the world. But we all could use a lesson in the many sacrifices it has taken to get ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Taking a travel 'sabbatical'

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For five years, David and Shari Jacobson saved as much as they could, but they weren't saving for a dream house or college for their two sons. They were putting money aside for a dream family trip many thought would never happen.

The Jacobsons, from San Diego, saved to take their sons Sean, then 10, and Ryan, 7, on a seven-month, around-the-...Read more

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