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Guess the Theme Park

Test your knowledge of the most famous theme parks.

Points available: 10


I am known as the "Rollercoaster Capital of the World," with rides such as: Millenium Force, MaXair, and Snake River Falls. Which theme park am I?


I am located in Spain, with a ride called Tutuki Splash, another called Dragon Khan, and another called Furius Baco (none of which children are allowed to ride). Which theme park am I?


Here you can "Connect people with Nature" with a journey through Aqua City, viewing one of the world's top 10 aquariums featuring over 400 species of fish, and watch the Lagoon Symbio Show. Which theme park am I?


I am a park full of culture, located in Vietnam, with seasonal festivals to celebrate them. Attractions in this park include Holy Frog on the Golden Mountain, Space Drop Tower, and the Children's Childhood Kingdom. Which theme park am I?


I have 23 parks filled with rollercoasters only a daredevil would love; such as: Pandemonium, X2, and Superman. Which theme park am I?


The gates to my park have been open since 1976 and is ranked the 4th theme park in the world, with festivities such as the annual Summer Splash, the Double Rock Spin, and the Flume Ride. Which theme park am I?


I am located in Denmark, with rides such as: Daemonen, Karavanen, and Rutchebanen. Which theme park am I?


As "one of the world's leading theme parks," indulging yourself in my Blue Fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM, Euro-Mir, or my Silver Star is sure to get your blood racing. Which theme park am I?


Besides my own Ripley's Believe It or Not! I have rides such as the Big Dipper, the Valhalla, and my very own Nickelodeon Land. Which theme park am I?


I am a part of the many "magical experiences," with fun for all ages, but I offer exclusives such as Captain EO, the Circle of Life, and a Kim Possible Showcase Adventure! Which theme park am I?