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Around the World: For Impromptu June Wedding Destinations, Las Vegas is Still Tops

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June is still the favored month for weddings and, by the end of May, most people who favor a June destination wedding have picked their wedding location and honeymoon destinations, finalized their plans and sent out their invitations to family and friends.

But if you get a sudden itch to get hitched, scheduling a weekend wedding getaway in June is still doable on short notice. A wide variety of appealing and accommodating  wedding-friendly destinations can and will cater to your last minute decision and meet all of your expectations for a gloriously celebratory and marvelously memorable event  this June.

Your choices of destination are limited only by the time you have to stay at your wedding spot, and the amount of money you have to spend. There are literally thousands of options, ranging from last minute wedding deals that cover chapel, lodging and a reception for gathered friends and family, to self-designed experiences that are either basic or extravagant and can include taking vows on a pristine beach, aboard a boat or riding on a roller coaster, or at a lovely garden, historic home or monument that means something special in your life.

All you need is a vision of what you’d like your wedding to be like, and a bit of flexibility about fitting yourself in to the dates that are still available at your chosen venue.

Actually, the biggest stumbling block to arranging impromptu weddings--in June or at any time of the year--is making sure you comply with all the legal requirements imposed by local authorities.  Every state--including the ones in which you reside--has its own set of laws regarding marriage, ranging from age and waiting period to license fees and blood tests. You’d better check to see whether you and your beloved comply with the state’s rules before deciding that’s the state where you’d like your ‘impromptu’ wedding to take place. 

Laws may require proof of age and/or parental permission and/or mental capacity, proof of vaccinations against specific diseases and/or testing for HIV and other venereal diseases, proof of the termination or dissolution of former marriages and impose other conditions such as preventing blood relatives from marrying.

Actually, most states have fairly lenient regulations. In most, the minimum age is 18, and license fees range from $4 to $80. The waiting period ranges from none to four days. Information about state requirements is readily available online. That research is essential and should be done before any plans are finalized.

While marriage laws and requirements differ from state to state, once a marriage takes place in one state, it’s recognized and honored in all.  So, no problems arise from traveling to another state for your wedding.

Things get more complicated if your chosen destination is overseas. You must comply with national requirements, and make sure that your wedding abroad will be recognized and registered in the US.  Impromptu weddings in foreign lands require a bit more planning, and are best accomplished with the help of a travel agent. Or, take advantage of a hotel or resort’s wedding planner, who will know national requirements and how you can manage to meet them.  Many hotels and resorts in Caribbean destinations have wedding planners on staff, which makes island wedding getaways a good and an easy choice—but finding a place with space on your specified dates may be a bit challenging.

Of course, the most famous and fun impromptu wedding destination in the US is Las Vegas, which has no wait period between license purchase and the ceremony, but does impose some other sobering regulations. For example, a bride must know what her married name will be and must be able to write it on the marriage application. Basically, there are safeguards against drunken engagements.

Legal leniency is one good reason to head to Las Vegas for your last minute wedding getaway. First step: get a wedding license. To get the license, you fill out a pre- application form online (at no more than 90 days before you intend to pick up the license. When you pick up the license, you must both go in person to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, located on the ground floor of the Regional Justice Center at 201 East Clark Avenue in downtown Las Vegas.  The license costs $77 payable in cash or by credit card, cashier’s check, traveler’s check or money order. The process takes about 15 minutes. The marriage ceremony may be performed right away, but must be performed in Nevada within a year of license issuance by a person licensed to perform such a service.

Finding a suitable venue isn’t a problem either. Las Vegas is choc a bloc with fun and festive places for ceremonies. You can also choose a theme or a special experience.  The very popular Cupid’s Chapel at 827 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89101 offers conventional “I do” scenarios or Elvis weddings replete with a Presley look alike on hand. The Chapel of Flowers at 1717 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104, is one of the oldest wedding establishments on the Strip, and offers a variety of wedding packages, including the High Roller Wedding on a ferris wheel and one staged with a scenic sweep of the Grand Canyon.

Most hotels have chapels, too, and wedding planners who arrange for you to be wed on a gondola, or underwater, or on a drive-thru, or during a parachute jump. You can get an idea of the full range of options and prices by visiting

No other destination offers as quite many opportunities and as many varied options for impromptu instantaneous weddings as Las Vegas does, but if that glamorous gambling town is too far away or too over the top for you, you can relocate to other fun destinations where you can hear your wedding bells ring out. Your best source for inspiring ideas and detailed information is the internet.  Choose your dream destination go to its website and type wedding chapels in the search box.  You’ll find out very quickly if there’s a lovely chapel at which you can quickly tie the knot.  But, again, before making your final decision and your reservation, check legal requirements to make sure you comply with them.


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