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Around the World: Wonderful Easter Island

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Like the holiday for which it was names, Easter Island does give rise to a sense of wonder. It’s a rocky dot of land in the middle of the vast ocean, miles from any other land mass, yet it has sustained life and its own civilization for centuries.

Imagine the astonishment felt by the Dutch explorer Admiral Jacob Roggenveen ...Read more

Around the World: Magical Mythical Santa Catalina

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Avalon, California-- In Celtic mythology, Avalon is an island paradise where the heroic and mortally wounded King Arthur went after fighting his last battle.

On the California map, Avalon is compact town of about three square miles with several thousand year round residents situated on Santa Catalina Island, a rugged, ...Read more

Around the World: Summer Travel Packing 101, 2, 3

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Ready to run away for a quick summer vacay?  Me, too. And so is everyone else. Welcome to the world of peak travel season!

Be warned: Summertime may be the best time to get away, but it isn’t the best time to travel.  Your trip can hit a lot of bumps on the road and in the air. One of the things you can do to assure ...Read more

Around the World: It Pays to Know Passenger Rights During Peak Season

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With the arrival of summer’s peak travel season, airline passengers often experience increases in delayed departures and other inconveniences.  It’s time for you to know your passenger rights.  So, here’s a current recap:

To get the best fare, keep checking the airline for ticket prices even after you’ve booked your ...Read more

Around the World: Best East Coast Beaching for 2017

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Every year the esteemed Dr. Beach, aka Stephen P. Leatherman, PhD, sets the course for sun and sand seekers with his highly regarded list of top ten beaches. Released on May 25, this year’s list has seven of the top ten located on the East Coast.

According to the Dr. Beach list, Florida’s Siesta Beach boasts the world’s ...Read more

Around the World: Escape Modern Stresses at Medieval and Renaissance Festivals

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The Middle Ages and Renaissance occur anew each year, thanks to the existence of dozens of period "faires" and festivals that are staged in towns across the U.S.

Currently, there are currently more than 125 such events that can be found in 38 states--and it’s more than likely that you live within 100 miles of one of them. <...Read more

 Around the World: Last Minute June Wedding Destinations

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 Most people who intend to get married in June have already picked their wedding locations long ago, finalized their plans and sent out their invitations to family and friends. May is actually pretty late in the game to decide you’d like to have a destination wedding this coming June.

But if you get a sudden itch to ...Read more

Around the World: Celebrate a Shakespeare Summer

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Many of Shakespeare’s brilliant comedies and tragedies come to life during the summer in theaters around the world. But there is much to be learned about the Bard by traveling to England to visit the places where he lived and worked. Summer travelers who follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps are set for a thoroughly enjoyable ...Read more

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