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Around the World: Seeking a Shakespeare Summer 2020

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For many theatre lovers, summer is the season for celebrating Shakespeare at one or more of the hundreds of festivals that stage the Bard’s work in theaters around the globe.

Most of those festivals are shut down this year due to concerns about the pandemic, and plans to travel to and attend them have been dashed – leaving...Read more

Around the World: When resuming travel, know before you go

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If you’re eager to get back on the road, you’ve probably been tracking travel industry news, ads and offerings, and noticing that they’ve picked up significantly of late.

Destinations near and far, urban and rural, mainstream and off the beaten path have kept travel devotees enthralled during the pandemic with videos and virtual tours ...Read more

Around the World: Is It Time to Resume Your Travel Planning?

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Like most avid travelers, you’re probably not really satisfied with the pleasures of virtual travel. Internet explorations of various destinations -- and watching movies that take you on adventures around the globe -- are terrific pastimes, but for those who are inclined to pick up and go, these pandemic-inspired diversions are no ...Read more

Around the World: Virtual Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

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The annual Cinco de Mayo festivals staged by Mexican communities across the US are always robustly anticipated events that promise lively music and dance presentations, great food and cultural insights. Of course, this year’s festivities will be virtual – and the best part of that news is that you don’t have to plan ahead or actually...Read more

Around the World: Book Future Travel at fire Sale Prices

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For folks who find travel one of the greatest of life’s pleasures, the current coronavirus lockdown is particularly painful, and especially if a long awaited and much anticipated outbound adventure – distant or nearby, of long duration or weekender -- had to be cancelled

While trip cancellations were disappointing to ...Read more


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