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Around the World: Taking the Stress Out Of Holiday Travel

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Travel during the holiday season rush is usually much more stressful than travel at any other time of the year.  Lines are long, planes are crowded, extra baggage filled with gifts for friends and family must be handled. That puts a lot of pressure on the transportation system, and the full range of employees who keep the system running. ...Read more

Around the World: Giving the Gift of Travel with Inspiring Stories and Bank Accounts

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Sitting next to a chatty stranger on a long flight needn’t be a downer -- especially if your seatmate is a good storyteller with a satchel full of entertaining tales about previous travels to exotic places. By the time you land, you may have been inspired to create a whole new list of destinations that you really want to visit.

...Read more

Around the World: Celebrating Champagne!

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Champagne‘s the sparkling wine that‘s launched a thousand ships, toasted millions of marriages, and ushered in new years since long before your great great grandfather was a lad.  It's the universal standard for celebratory toasting.  Pop that cork and the festivities officially begin.

Of course, Champagne’s also the ...Read more

Around the World: A Washington Irving Halloween in Sleepy Hollow

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Washington Irving’s beloved classic “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” certainly sets the scene. To quote: “Indeed, certain of the most authentic historians of those parts, who have been careful in collecting and collating the floating facts concerning this spectre, allege that the body of the trooper, having been buried in the church-...Read more

Around the World: Fun Fall Road Trip on America’s Lincoln Highway

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Thinking of hitting the road for one last vacation before winter sets in?  Explore the scenic wonders and historic attractions along the Lincoln Highway, America’s original coast-to-coast interstate. This is a good time for an all-American road trip.

Never heard of the Lincoln Highway?  You’re not alone. Some of ...Read more

Get Ready! Get Set! Oktoberfest!

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That wonderful annual celebration known as Oktoberfest originated in Germany--or, to be more specific and accurate, in Bavaria.  The tradition actually dates back to October, 12, 1810.  Not many traditions can specify their origins with such precision, but this festival was invented to celebrate the day on which Crown Prince Ludwig (who later ...Read more

Fall Foliage! And History, Too!

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When planning your fall foliage itinerary, add a little something extra to your viewing of Mother Nature’s spectacular seasonal show.

Destination-wise, the northeast still boasts the most extraordinary displays of color for leaf peepers. And it offers wonderful historic sites that will set your imagination ...Read more

Around the World: Finding Your Spot for the Great American Eclipse

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Year round, millions of tourists travel from afar to the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls and Hawaii’s Kiluea Volcano.  Truth is, Mother Nature’s treasured natural wonders top travelers’ wish lists, sparking tourism from around the globe.

But, folks who like to stay closer to home are occasionally treated to one of Mother ...Read more


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