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Around the World: Virtual Tours of Monumental Historic Buildings

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Even if the corona virus has turned you into a temporary couch potato, there’s no need to completely forego travel. You have some entertaining options. It quite easy to take a virtual tour of a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting – perhaps in preparation for a real visit when the pandemic has passed.

Thanks to ease of access via the ...Read more

Aroung the World: Virtual Travel for Temporary Shut-ins

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With COVID-19 on the move, this is a good time to stay at home and venture into virtual travel.  Travel shows are ample, but the best virtual adventures are via movies that feature wonderful destinations not only as background, but almost as featured characters in the stories.  With genres varied to suit all preferences, here are four of...Read more

Around the World: Amsterdam is for Foodies!

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AMSTERDAM -- Even tourists who don’t think of themselves as foodies consider dining adventures to be vital ingredients for their travel itineraries, and are always hungry for recommendations of destination that provide the best, most memorable meals.

That’s why I’m surprised that more lists suggesting best cities for ...Read more

Around the World: Putting Your Vacation On Ice In Sweden

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When winter comes, vacationers have the choice of escaping from the cold, or making sport of it. If you’re the sort of traveler who awaits winter’s cold front each year so that you can excavate your skis or ice fishing pole from the closet and put them to use, here’s an adventure you won’t want to miss: An overnight at an ice hotel...Read more

Around the World: In Barcelona, In Search of Antonio Gaudi

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Barcelona is a splendid city, one that really requires multiple visits for full appreciation. The city’s cultural ambience is absolutely extraordinary. Among the must see attractions are the magnificent Miro Museum and equally impressive Picasso Museum, both of which deserve lengthy visits instead of the cursory browses given them by ...Read more

Around the World: Tracking the Great Tintin in Brussels

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BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Many travelers owe their inspiration to seek adventure abroad to Tintin, the legendary international journalist who travels around the globe seeking answers to mysteries in which circumstances and his curious nature intersect.
As you surely know, Tintin is a cartoon character, and his quests are pure ...Read more

Around the World: Safety Tips For Women Traveling Solo

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The U.S. State Department reports that more and more Americans travel abroad every year, and that the fastest growing group within that ever-increasing population of touring Americans is women traveling alone.

Whether traveling on vacation or for business, women are venturing solo into the great wide world. And, unfortunately,...Read more

Around the World: How to Feast in Hong Kong

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HONG KONG – For savvy travelers, Hong Kong is gourmet heaven, a place where you’ll never have to hanker long for a top quality repast. Restaurants abound, and they serve an awesome variety of Chinese regional cuisines and a smorgasbord of other traditional and innovative cooking styles.

Even for tourists with strict ...Read more


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