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Around the World: Celebrating Boston’s Freedom Trail

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Boston’s Freedom Trail is designed to help travelers from across the US and around the world celebrate and contemplate our nation’s origins, as well as the freedoms we enjoy and our responsibilities for safeguarding and sustaining them.

Looking back at historic events that brought us to our current state of affairs is a...Read more

Around the World: Virtual Travel is For When You Really Can’t Really Get There

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Even if you’re a dedicated tourist, sometimes it’s just too difficult to get where you really want to go.

You may find that your favored destination is beyond your current budget, or that it doesn’t provide the kind of accessibility you may require, or that you’ve had to cancel a planned trip because you’ve been ...Read more

Around the World: New Passport Regulations and Airport Security

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It’s always been a good idea to have a passport at the ready, and the best time to get one is before you actually need it. So, avoid last minute anxiety and rush. Apply for your new passport or you passport renewal now. At present, the same charges are applied for new and renewal applications. For adults, that’s $110 for the ...Read more

Around the World: Honor an American hero on Independence Day!

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July 4 is the perfect date to honor and celebrate some of the Americans heroes who played a historic role in making our nation great, and the best way to pay homage to them is to learn more about their contributions by visiting the places where they lived and worked.
 The trip need not be extensive or expensive — the ...Read more

Around the World: Amsterdam’s Uniquely Dutch Lifestyle Museums

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Amsterdam’s big three art museums on Museumplein – the Rijksmueum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Staedlik Museum – are among the city’s top tourist attractions, and their proximity to each other makes visiting them very convenient. But touring another set of superb museums located along the Prinsengracht is a great way to explore ...Read more

Around the World: Travel to Save our Nation’s Endangered Places

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a nonprofit that’s dedicated solely to doing exactly what is indicated in its name, celebrates its 32nd anniversary by publishing yet another annual roster of the eleven most endangered historic places in the United States.

The organization stands strong as the guardian of places...Read more

Around the World: For Impromptu June Wedding Destinations, Las Vegas is Still Tops

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June is still the favored month for weddings and, by the end of May, most people who favor a June destination wedding have picked their wedding location and honeymoon destinations, finalized their plans and sent out their invitations to family and friends.

But if you get a sudden itch to get hitched, scheduling a weekend ...Read more

Around the World: Time to Train in Europe!

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Now’s the time to plan summer adventures in Europe, and there’s no better way to explore the continent than by train. Use Europe’s advanced and affordable rail system to customize your own version of the grand tour. Select several of your favorite cities or resort areas and design a sweeping itinerary that lets you garner greater ...Read more

Around the World: Your Summer Shakespearean Sojourn 

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Shakespeare’s brilliant comedies and tragedies come to life during the summer in theaters around the world. But there’s a special Shakespeare experience to be enjoyed in England, when you travel to the Bard’s own turf, visiting the places where he lived and worked. Summer travelers who follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps are set for ...Read more

Around the World: Edinburgh Day Tripping by Train

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Dynamic Edinburgh is beautiful, accommodating and rich in year round cultural events, but day tripping from the Scottish capital is a must, even if it’s for just one or two quick and satisfying adventures to experience other highlands highlights.

It’s convenient, fun and comfortable to travel from Edinburgh by train to see nearby castles,...Read more

Around the World: Plan Ahead for Memorial Day in DC

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Even if your home town stages a Memorial Day parade to honor the men and women who’ve served in the U.S. military, there’s no place like the nation’s capital and national cemetery to show your respect and celebrate Memorial Day, taking place this year on Monday, May 27.

In fact, for many, visiting Washington DC and ...Read more

Around the World: Are You Ready for a Staycation?

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Regularly scheduled escape from stress is essential these days, and one easy and affordable way to seek relief is the staycation. What is it? A hometown tourism itinerary that you set for yourself, including a hotel stay, dine around and visits to local tourist attractions that satisfy your special interests.

Many ...Read more


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