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Riding Disney Attractions on Celluloid

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If you’ve been longing to take your annual trip to a Disney theme park to take an enjoyable turn on your favorite ride, but have been reluctant to venture forth from the comfort and safety of your home environs, you have the option of hopping on to the Disney attractions digitally – via Disney movies with stories based on the parks’...Read more

Around the World: Oberammergau’s Passion Play is Spectacular – and Timely

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Few of our civilization’s regularly scheduled events can claim to have been ongoing since 1674! And, you can bet that any event that can accurately make that claim has got to be absolutely spectacular.

For one thing, all the generations of people who’ve been participating in it must be convinced that the event is ...Read more

Around the World: This Summer’s Best Pseudo-Travel

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Summer is officially here and that means that this year’s peak vacation travel season has officially taken off. However, if you’re still not quite comfortable about jumping aboard a flight to your destination of choice, you can visit many desirable places via the movies. And you can do it from the comfort and safely of your own home �...Read more

Around the World: Airlines Change Ticketing Policies as Travel Picks Up

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As travel restrictions and pandemic-related protocols are eased and air travel resumes, the airlines are again adjusting their policies regarding ticketing and passenger seating on aircraft. If you’re eager to travel again and are ready to book flights, consider the policy changes already made or about to be put into effect. They are not ...Read more

Around the World: Southwest Louisiana’s Boudin Trail

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If you’re hungry for an accessible gourmet adventure, head to Southwest Louisiana to sample boudin, the local Cajun version of a down home dish that figures prominently in country cooking around the world.

Boudin is the Cajun version of blood sausage, and Southwest Louisiana’s local handmade product is so popular and ...Read more



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