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Around the World: “Honey, Drop Everything! I’m Kidnapping You!

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This Valentine’s Day, do something better than flowers and chocolates. A lot better!

Surprise your mate with an escape, a romantic Valentine’s Day kidnapping.

Type ‘cheap travel deals’ into your Internet browser search box and your screen will light up with offers that are simply too tempting to resist. ...Read more

Around the World: Travel Savvy Includes Exercise Aloft

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Air travel is actually quite hard on your body, whether you feel the effects intensely at the time of travel or not. Of course, the most common complaint from travelers is jet lag. But a disrupted sleep cycle isn’t the only change your body experiences when you travel. Far from it.

Whether you are a frequent or occasional ...Read more

Around the World: Going Presidential

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There are two days during any calendar year when it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to
stay in any hotel’s designated presidential suite. One of those days is Election Day.
And, the other is Presidents’ Day.

On both holidays, you can be sure that presidential suites across the nation will have been booked ...Read more

Around the World: Travel to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day takes place on January 18 of this year. The national holiday commemorates Dr. King’s legacy and special events and exhibits are scheduled across the country in his honor.

So, you won’t have to travel very far from wherever you are to find a celebratory event at which you can show your respect ...Read more

Around the World: Movies Are A Great Gateway To Travel

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Movies often motivate tourism. Those exciting locations depicted on the screen are seen as enticing tourist destinations. Dedicated fans are eager to set foot where their favorite actor stood while shooting a particular scene. And any moviegoer can become so intrigued by the lifestyle shown in a film that they feel they must get out there...Read more

Around the World: A Hollywood Trip with the Oscars in Mind

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As any Los Angelino knows, Oscar’s big day -- this year it’s on Sunday, February 24 -- is a good day to stay at home and watch television. Yes, the stars are out and about town, but car and pedestrian traffic in Hollywood is at a standstill and you have to fight legions of police and security guards to get to a place where you may get...Read more

Around the World: Resolve to be an Eco-Friendly Tourist in 2019!

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As the new year approaches, it’s time to renew your travel vows to protect Earth’s natural environments and resources and to respect humanity’s varied traditions and unique indigenous cultures.
There’s a lot at stake, so take your vows seriously.

Bear in mind that what you do now will impact the future. ...Read more

Around the World: Amsterdam’s Historic Lifestyle Museums

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AMSTERDAM: This wonderfully exciting trend-setting city boasts some 50 unique museums that give you an intimate glimpse at all sorts of different aspects of the Dutch lifestyle.

For anyone who is curious about what life is like aboard one of the many houseboats tied up along the city’s canals, there is the Houseboat Museum...Read more

Around the World: Searching for Santa Claus

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At this time of year you can encounter Santa Claus in many shopping malls and department stores and, in some cities, on practically every well-trafficked street corner. Yes, they wear Santa suits and shout out Ho, ho, ho. But, no, they’re just seasonal Santas, put in place to collect money for charities or to encourage youngsters to ...Read more

Around the World: Mexico’s Colorful Christmas Posadas

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If you’ve got the impression that Christmas in Mexico isn’t white, you’re absolutely right. It’s anything but.

The climate is too warm for snow, and Mexican Christmas celebrations are among the most colorful in the world. Actually, the Mexican people are famous for their love of ‘fiestas,’ and the more colorful the...Read more


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