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Around the World: Keeping Fit at 30,000 Feet!

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Before all New Year’s resolve fades away, make a pact with yourself to be a healthier traveler during 2020. Adopt an inflight routine that will minimize the discomfort and adverse physical effects of flying.

Whether you take to the skies to get to a much anticipated vacation destination or flight is a required and routine ...Read more

Around the World: Tips for 20-20 Travel During 2020

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They say that hindsight is 20-20, but looking ahead and planning for travel in 2020 can bring extra excitement and great joy. If you make and keep New Year’s resolutions, add to your list a commitment to travel more and travel smarter in 2020!

Begin by picking dates and selecting destinations for 2020’s adventures – at ...Read more

Around the World: Chasing a Dickensian Christmas

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Charles Dickens’ universally popular “A Christmas Carol” plays a huge part in seasonal celebrations in communities large and small across the US, with families attend readings of the novella, participating in community caroling strolls and enjoying themed dress up events and the sumptuous feasts staged in a variety of venues ranging ...Read more

Around the World: When in Finland, SAUNA!

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When it comes to unwinding after a long journey or an arduous day’s work, most people worldwide take a moment to pour themselves a drink to take the edge off the day’s stresses and relax.

In Finland, people are more likely to head for the sauna. Whether they go solo or with friends or coworkers, Finns rely on sauna to ease...Read more

Around the World: Do-It-Yourself Versus Travel Agent Bookings

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With the year end holiday-associated travel season about to take off, all who are thinking of visiting relatives, escaping for some sun, surf and sand or taking to the ski slopes, or making their final business forays of 2019, are looking for the best way to book their trips.

It’s a season when travel becomes that much more ...Read more

Around the World: The Pros and Cons of Booking Code Share Flights

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The airlines tout benefits gained from their partnerships with other airlines. Mostly they boast about establishing networks that extend their routing to the far corners of the globe, while allowing you to fatten your frequent flyer account with more miles.
But weighing airline partnership benefits against what you ...Read more

Around the World: This Year, Enjoy a Colorful Mexican Christmas

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If you’re looking for a white Christmas, Mexico is not the place to be. Christmas celebrations south of the border are a blaze of colorful long-lasting fiestas known a ‘pastores’ and pastorelas.’ They combine spectacular religious processions and observances with secular satire – all of which adds up to a lot of fun.
...Read more

Around the World: Frequent Traveler Rituals That Can Help You!

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You may be surprised, but there’s no need for you to be alarmed if the woman seated next to you on the plane pulls a small plastic container from her handbag, squeezes some gel on to a paper towel and begins to wipe down her seat, the armrests and the fold down table that’s fitted into the seat in front of hers.

The gel is...Read more


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