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Carryon Packing for Two Weeks Away!

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To avoid the extra cost of checked luggage, save yourself the extra time required to claim it at the end of your flight and spare yourself the stress and woe of misdirected or lost luggage, travel with carryon bags only. You’re allowed to board with two items: one standard size carryon bag on rollers or an over-the-shoulder ...Read more

Colorado’s Natural Rocky Mountain High

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Colorado is America’s rooftop, the state that gives you a natural Rocky Mountain high based on
crisp fresh air and clean outdoor fun.

The state’s average altitude is 6,800 feet, and it’s home to 32 of the nation’s highest mountains. Mt Elbert, at 14,431 feet, is Colorado’s highest.

But, ...Read more

Amsterdam Big Three Must See Art Museums

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Amsterdam’s rich collection of museums has made this city an epicenter for the arts and culture for centuries. The tradition of honoring the arts and culture continues today throughout Amsterdam where the tourists comb the city to see treasured masterpieces on display in some of the world’s finest museums.
The ...Read more

Around the World: Kids’ Museums Aren’t Just for Kids

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Children’s museums across the nation offer an astonishing array of excellent and entertaining interactive and hands-on exhibitions about scientific phenomena, vastly varied cultures and historical events are designed to educate and stimulate kids’ imaginations. The really good news is that they’re fun for kids of all ages. You can ...Read more

Around the World: Denmark’s Legoland is Still An Original!

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No matter where you live, LEGO is probably part of your home life. It’s hard to imagine that anyone hasn’t experienced the entertaining pursuit of playing architect or engineer with those colorful little plastic blocks. And miniature replicas of landmark tourist attractions are often the result.

It’s quite natural for ...Read more

Around the World: Is Home Swapping Your Way To Go? 

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Whether you want a week in the heart of Paris or two months in the Poconos, it’s possible to swap your home with someone who wants to vacation where you live. It’s like having a place to stay for free.

To be specific, the swap arrangement costs less than a hotel per-night-rate would be. Of course, with home swap, you carry...Read more

Around the World: Oberammergau’s Traditional Passion Play is a Travel Must!

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Few of our civilization’s regularly scheduled events can claim to have been ongoing since 1674!  And, you can bet that any event that can accurately make that claim has got to be absolutely spectacular.

For one thing, all the generations of people who’ve been participating in it must be convinced that the event is ...Read more

Around the World: Traveling in a Flu-stricken World

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Every year, a new strain of flu is in the air, threatening to cause a catastrophic pandemic that will kill off nonessential travel.  And, what a shame that is.  People who’ve been looking forward to getting away to explore new places or revisit their favorite destinations are kept from doing so by their fear of getting sick.

...Read more

Around the World: Are Frequent Flyer Tickets Really Free?

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Airlines are often offer irresistibly low discounted fares to many popular destinations, but the best deal is still travel for free--using frequent flyer tickets.
But are frequent flyer tickets really free?  No, sad to say, not really.
You earn frequent flyer miles by meeting airline specified behaviors. They’re rewards for ...Read more

Around the World: For Women’s History Month, Explore the Feminist Legacy of Lower Manhattan

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Let current headlines about equality and diversity issues lead you to downtown Manhattan, where you’ll find yourself in the very spots where America’s founding feminists took a stand for women’s right to vote and other key issues regarding gender and racial equality. It’s an ideal tour to take during March, otherwise known as Women...Read more

Around the World: In Toronto, Underground Warmth is Cool!

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Toronto’s stellar reputation as a cool urban environment is more than well-deserved. The hip Ontario capital’s myriad attractions include wonderful museums, sports centers, great eateries, fabulous shopping and a full calendar of appealing events year round.

Year round includes winter months, when you might expect deep ...Read more

Around the World: Ireland is Always A Good Source For Travel Tales

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If you think all of the great travel tales that come out of Ireland are all Blarney, you’re quite mistaken. My favorite Irish travel story is about the time I got into a bit of traveler’s trouble on the Emerald Isle. It’s a great adventure and there’s not one word of Blarney in it.

It all began when I drove away from ...Read more

Ariund the World: Jousting with Modern Stresses at Medieval and Renaissance Festivals

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The Middle Ages and Renaissance occur anew each year, thanks to the existence of
dozens of period "faires" and festivals that are staged in towns across the U.S. and around the globe,

Currently, there are currently hundreds of such events around the U.S and it’s more than likely that you live within 100 miles of one of...Read more

Around the World: Time for a Spirit-Lifting Reunion

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Reunions are always a great reason to travel. Spending time with family, friends and colleagues is a real mood booster, especially during times marked by political and social discontent. Organizing the get together event takes some doing, but the rewards are tremendous.

Depending on everyone’s comfort zone, you can choose ...Read more


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