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Around the World: Escape to the Wilds of Las Vegas

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The Vegas Strip is so bedazzled with bright lights that you can actually see it from outer space.

Otherwise known as Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip is a galactically alluring destination, a place of pure fantasy, glamour, and high concept real estate that suggests you can with a few steps transport yourself from an ancient ...Read more

Around the World: Portugal Appeals to Conservation-Minded Tourists

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Ongoing Portuguese environmental preservatiom projects that give tourists opportunities to sustain nature while enjoying it are prime examples of how conservation can support and sustain local economies.

Topping the list is Portugal’s Alentejo region, famous for its cork forests-yes, cork, that spongy natural product that‘...Read more

Around the World: Old Sturbridge Village is an Idyllic Look at America’s Past

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Massachusetts boasts some of America’s earliest colonial settlements, and the state is dotted with historic towns and quaint villages that certainly retain their charming and distinctive New England colonial atmosphere.

But the one quaint village that actually invites you to step back in time and experience life as it was ...Read more

Around the World: Heidelberg has Heavenly Sites and Fascinating History

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Heidelberg’s marvelous old town – or Altstadt, in the vernacular – boasts an awesome collection of medieval and renaissance architecture that is showcased against the magnificent mountains of Germany’s southwestern region.

Nested on the south band of the Neckar River, Altstadt is a grid of narrow and ancient
...Read more

Around the World: Halloween in Sleepy Hollow is Spectacular!

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Washington Irving’s beloved classic “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” certainly sets the scene for Halloween scares. Referring to the famously headless horseman who haunts the hood, this quote: “Indeed, certain of the most authentic historians of those parts, who have been careful in collecting and collating the floating facts ...Read more

Around the World: Visit San Francisco’s North Beach For History, Culture, and Coffee

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San Francisco’s North Beach may not be as well-trafficked by tourists as Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, Chinatown, or the Castro and Haight, but it’s blocks are chock full of historical sites, cultural attractions and cafes where coffee-loving artists and intellectuals gather to discuss whatever is on their minds. ‘’
<...Read more

Enjoy an Oddball Roadside Attraction on Your Next Trip

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If you’re road trip vacation through Georgia happens to take you through Plains, you’ll be welcomed to town by a 13-foot tall statue of a peanut with a grinning countenance that bears an unmistakable resemblance to Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States. Plains is Carter’s hometown, and the smiling statue was ...Read more

Around the World: American Airlines Has A Weight Problem

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There was no way you could not notice the woman who was making her way down the aisle on the airplane. Her girth was such that she had to twist her body sideways to get past each row of seats. She struggled with each step, even though she was supporting herself with a walking stick.

I'm not an expert on guessing a person's ...Read more

Around the World: Book Now to See New England’s Fall Foliage By Boat

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Mother Nature‘s annual change of palette takes place in wilderness areas around the world, but few destinations can match the gloriously vibrant display of colors to be seen in the northeastern United States and throughout Canada’s eastern provinces.

During a period of about six weeks, from mid-September through the end of...Read more

Around the World: Enjoy The Historic Lincoln Highway, America’s Classic Road Trip

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The Lincoln Highway, America’s original coast-to-coast interstate roadway, features scenic wonders, historic attractions and wonderful close encounters with oh-so-many down home communities. It’s the quintessential American road trip, and the best part of it is that you can travel it in stages, starting on either coast or right in the ...Read more

Around the World: In Search of Sue the T-Rex in Southeast South Dakota

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Everyone finds dinosaurs fascinating. Some people travel far and wide to see their remains. Others dedicate their lives to finding new specimens and bringing them to public attention.

One of the all-time great dinosaur finds occurred back in 1990, in the South Dakota Badlands, when a team of paleontologists lead by Pete Larson...Read more

Around the World: Touring Tel Aviv’s Extraordinary “White City” Bauhaus Architecture

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Put on your walking shoes to tour the ‘White City,’ featuring the largest collection of Bauhaus buildings in the world. Actually, Bauhaus architecture is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular tourist attractions, and one of modern-day Israel’s strongest cultural ties with Germany.

In Tel Aviv, Bauhaus is really more than just...Read more


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