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Around the World: This Summer’s Best Pseudo-Travel

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Summer is officially here and that means that this year’s peak vacation travel season has officially taken off. However, if you’re still not quite comfortable about jumping aboard a flight to your destination of choice, you can visit many desirable places via the movies. And you can do it from the comfort and safely of your own home �...Read more

Around the World: Airlines Change Ticketing Policies as Travel Picks Up

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As travel restrictions and pandemic-related protocols are eased and air travel resumes, the airlines are again adjusting their policies regarding ticketing and passenger seating on aircraft. If you’re eager to travel again and are ready to book flights, consider the policy changes already made or about to be put into effect. They are not ...Read more

Around the World: Southwest Louisiana’s Boudin Trail

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If you’re hungry for an accessible gourmet adventure, head to Southwest Louisiana to sample boudin, the local Cajun version of a down home dish that figures prominently in country cooking around the world.

Boudin is the Cajun version of blood sausage, and Southwest Louisiana’s local handmade product is so popular and ...Read more

Around the World: Make Plans to Camp

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Our long pandemic Winter has left many travel lovers longing for outdoor adventures. As the weather warms comes the time to seek satisfaction.

Further fueled by watching this year’s wonderful Oscar-winning film “Nomadland,” about life in a van, travelers are ready to hit the road for a genuine camping adventure – whether they’re ...Read more

Around the World: Santa Catalina Is An Authentically Magical Mythical Getaway

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If you are looking for a unique outdoors adventure, head for alluring Santa Catalina Island, a charming 75-square miles spot of land off the coast of Southern California, some 26 miles west of Los Angeles. Known in song as “the island of romance,” Santa Catalina is a rare and wondrous blend of seaside resort and nature preserve. The ...Read more

Around the World: Set Sail on the Historic Sloop Lewis R French

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Camden, Maine -- Passengers aboard the tall ship Lewis R. French develop a proprietary attitude toward the historic schooner.

First-time sailors quickly become engaged in life on board. By day two of a six-day sail, they're old hands at hauling and heaving anchor and lines, trimming sails, coming about and doing galley chores such ...Read more

Around the World: Wonderful Easter Island

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It’s unlikely that you’ll get there in time for Easter or even later this year, but the tiny rocky dot of land known as Easter Island is a great destination to add to your bucket list for some time in the future.

Like the holiday for which it was named, Easter Island does give rise to a sense of wonder. It’s in the ...Read more

Around the World: Getting Ready to Get on the Road Again!

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Now that more than 61 percent of adults over 65 have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and that percentage is increasing rapidly, many senior citizens are ready to travel again. In fact, many are champing at the bit in eager anticipation of reopening the gates to getaway travel and visits to much missed friends and family across the nation...Read more



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