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Around the World: Amsterdam’s Historic Lifestyle Museums

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AMSTERDAM: This wonderfully exciting trend-setting city boasts some 50 unique museums that give you an intimate glimpse at all sorts of different aspects of the Dutch lifestyle.

For anyone who is curious about what life is like aboard one of the many houseboats tied up along the city’s canals, there is the Houseboat Museum...Read more

Around the World: Searching for Santa Claus

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At this time of year you can encounter Santa Claus in many shopping malls and department stores and, in some cities, on practically every well-trafficked street corner. Yes, they wear Santa suits and shout out Ho, ho, ho. But, no, they’re just seasonal Santas, put in place to collect money for charities or to encourage youngsters to ...Read more

Around the World: Mexico’s Colorful Christmas Posadas

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If you’ve got the impression that Christmas in Mexico isn’t white, you’re absolutely right. It’s anything but.

The climate is too warm for snow, and Mexican Christmas celebrations are among the most colorful in the world. Actually, the Mexican people are famous for their love of ‘fiestas,’ and the more colorful the...Read more

Around the World: ‘Tis The Time to Book for Germany’s Christmas Markets!

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Now is the perfect time to book your holiday travel, and a most wonderful seasonal destination is Germany, where Christmas is celebrated with marvelous traditional markets in almost every town.

In fact, there are hundreds of local Christmas markets, each offering a unique collection of local handcrafts, seasonal foods and ...Read more

Around the World: Brussels’ Iconic Mini-monument: Manniken Pis

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Every European capital has its must-see monumental landmarks. London has is famous for Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, Paris boasts the Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triomphe, and Rome has the remarkable Colosseum and Vatican City.

But at the heart of the European Union, Brussels has a most unusual signature landmark that ...Read more

Around the World: Pre-holiday Gifts for Travelers

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If you’re already mapping out this year’s holiday gifting adventure, and there’s a traveler on your list, here’s a good question to ask yourself: Why wait for the holidays to give your favorite traveler a gift that will make travel during the holidays more comfortable and fun?

Of course, my answer is: Don��...Read more

Around the World: Thanksgiving Alternative - Southwest Louisiana’s Boudin Trail

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SULPHUR, LOUISIANA –– If you’re seeking a spectacular Thanksgiving feast but wish to explore a culinary tradition that’s quit remote from the traditional turkey, head to Southwest Louisiana to sample boudin, the local Cajun version of a down home dish that figures prominently in country cooking around the world.

Boudin...Read more

Around the World: Travel Fit with Inflight Exercises

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Jet lag may be the physical complaint most commonly experienced by travelers, but a disrupted sleep cycle isn’t the only change your body experiences when you travel. Far from it. Travel is actually quite hard on your body, whether you feel it intensely at the time of travel or not.

Sitting on an airplane for an hour ...Read more

Around the World: In Aruba, “Bon Bini” Means Welcome, and They Mean It!

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Oranjestad, Aruba – Every Tuesday evening, this charming Caribbean island town welcomes tourists with its weekly Bon Bini Festival, a spectacular display of song, dance and crafts, presented at gather at Fort Zoutman in celebration of the island's unique cultural heritage.

“Bon bini” means welcome in Papiamento, Aruba’...Read more

Around the World: Haunted Hotels for Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching, but you can still ink yourself in for an overnight in a haunted hotel and get some memorable scares.

Perhaps you’d like to visit with ghosts where Stephen King wrote “The Shining.” That would be the legendary Stanley Hotel -- or, more specifically Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park...Read more

Around the World: Visiting Sherlock Holmes at His London Home

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If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan (and who isn’t?), you know that 221b Baker Street is the address at which the revered detective resided for much of his career -- from 1861 to 1904, to be exact -- along with his equally beloved colleague, sidekick and biographer, Dr. John H. Watson.

The address, which also served as the ...Read more

Around the World: Museum Hopping in Chicago

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Focusing on everything from fine and applied art to science and technology, Chicago’s extraordinary array of museums and their special exhibitions makes a day of museum hopping an essential element in any tourist’s itinerary of the windy city.

Chicago has a world-class museum to suit everyone’s special interests. And ...Read more

Around the World: Hunting the Best Halloween Haunt

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Of course kids of all ages across the nation in towns large and small create Halloween happenings of their own design, and all their tricks and treats are fun. But if you’re hankering for a bigger piece of the pumpkin this year, carve out a plan that will put you in the middle of one of the biggest and best Halloween party haunts in ...Read more

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