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Set Sail on the Historic Sloop Lewis R French

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Camden, Maine -- Passengers aboard the tall ship Lewis R. French develop a proprietary attitude toward the historic schooner.
First-time sailors quickly become engaged in life on board. By day two of a six-day sail, they're old hands at hauling and heaving anchor and lines, trimming sails, coming about and doing galley chores such ...Read more

Around the World: Wonderful Easter Island

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It’s unlikely that you’ll get there in time for Easter or even later this year, but the tiny rocky dot of land known as Easter Island is a great destination to add to your bucket list for some time in the future.

Like the holiday for which it was named, Easter Island does give rise to a sense of wonder. It’s in the ...Read more

Around the World: Getting Ready to Get on the Road Again!

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Now that more than 61 percent of adults over 65 have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and that percentage is increasing rapidly, many senior citizens are ready to travel again. In fact, many are champing at the bit in eager anticipation of reopening the gates to getaway travel and visits to much missed friends and family across the nation...Read more

Around the World: Places to Visit During Women’s History Month

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The month of March, officially designated as Women’s History Month is a time to honor the heroic feminists who have championed equal rights and opportunity for women and to remember the brilliant women who’ve made significant contributions to America’s social, political and cultural history. What better way to get to know them than ...Read more

Around the World: Women’s History Month - Explore Lower Manhattan’s Feminist Legacy

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Women’s History Month – the month of March – is a great time to reflect upon the herstory of the early feminist movement, much of which was centered in downtown Manhattan.

If curiosity calls you to explore the sites where Susan B. Anthon, Elizabeth Stanton Cady and other Suffragettes made headlines with demonstrations to...Read more

Around the World: Power Up For Travel

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When you’re on the road and away from everything that’s happening at home, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is that you lose power on the devices that keep you in touch and in the know. You arrive at your destination, and you find that your cell phone or whatever device you rely on for communication is out of power �...Read more

Around the World: The Lincoln Highway: America’s Original Road Trip

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If you feel the need to travel but are pandemic-wary of taking to the skies, take to the road instead. Automobile tourism has been a fact of American life for decades, but this year it has become a most popular option for leisure travelers who are finding – sometimes to their surprise – that getting there can be half the fun. <...Read more

Around the World: In Search of Mickey(s)

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The World of Walt Disney, it can be said, was built by Mickey Mouse.
The most famous and arguably most popular of the famous cartoonist’s characters is an iconic symbol of everything that Walt Disney built – including the family-friendly theme parks that keep patrons coming back for more with wonderful displays of Disney...Read more

Around the World: What’s the Value of Frequent Flying?

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Loyalty has its rewards. At least that’s the line the airlines use to recruit passengers for their frequent flyer clubs.
The frequent flyer programs offered by various airlines differ from each other to some degree, but all promise free travel as their major perk.  You earn miles with each flight you take, and when you’...Read more



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