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 Escape Modern Stresses at Medieval and Renaissance Festivals

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The Middle Ages and Renaissance occur anew each year, thanks to the existence of dozens of period "faires" and festivals that are staged in towns across the U.S.

Currently, there are currently more than 125 such events that can be found in 38 states--and it’s more than likely that you live within 100 miles of...Read more

 Around the World: Last Minute June Wedding Destinations

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 Most people who intend to get married in June have already picked their wedding locations long ago, finalized their plans and sent out their invitations to family and friends. May is actually pretty late in the game to decide you’d like to have a destination wedding this coming June.

But if you get a sudden itch to ...Read more

Around the World: Celebrate a Shakespeare Summer

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Many of Shakespeare’s brilliant comedies and tragedies come to life during the summer in theaters around the world. But there is much to be learned about the Bard by traveling to England to visit the places where he lived and worked. Summer travelers who follow in Shakespeare’s footsteps are set for a thoroughly enjoyable ...Read more

Around the World: Hometown Tourism is Good Fun and Good Value

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Many people welcome visiting family and friends because they know that when they offer to show their guests around, they will also get to see their hometown’s famous sites, places of interest.

Proceeding as though they were local tour guides, they design an itinerary that covers their town’s basic bests and mixes in...Read more

Around the World: Marvelous Manitou Springs

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If you’re craving a bit of restorative nostalgia, there’s hardly a better destination than the charming turn-of-the-last-century Rocky Mountain town of Manitou Springs.  It’s such a pretty place, a quaint town where a marvelous collection of lovely Victorian houses is surrounded by an extraordinary array of natural wonders, ...Read more

Around the World: Be Travel Savvy and Know Your World Subways

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TOKYO -- It’s evening rush hour. Shinjuku Subway Station is swarming with tired workers assertively heading for home.

A train glides quietly into the station, doors slide open and hundreds of rumpled riders scatter for the station exits or transfer points.

Before the door close again, paid ‘pushers’ ...Read more

House Calls: Don’t Let Mexico’s Image Problems Keep You Away

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For variety and value, few tourist destinations compare with marvelous Mexico. Larger than Western Europe, Mexico promises such a wide range of beautiful beaches, charming colonial cities, magnificent mountain vistas and fascinating archeological ruins that you can visit the country dozens of times without experiencing all of...Read more

Around the World: Montreal’s Summer Travel Boom

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It’s a balmy summer night in Old Montreal. Locals and tourists have flocked to the city’s popular La Ronde theme park for evening pleasures. La Ronde, owned by Six Flags, is situated on the Sainte-Helene Islands in the Saint Lawrence River, right in the heart of charming Old Montreal. 


A ...Read more

Women’s History Tour of Lower Manhattan

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Celebrate Women’s History Month, with a walking tour though New York City’s downtown Wall Street area, visiting places where women--many of them journalists--took a stand for equality and progressive social change.

There are 21 points of particular interest in the district that was once known as “Newspaper Row,” an area that’s filled ...Read more

 Avoid Travelers’ Back Strain and Pain

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Let’s face it: travel can be hard on one’s body, and back pain isn’t a treasured vacation memory.

Even travelers who are otherwise quite physically fit often find backache a frequently reoccurring problem while they’re on the road.

Common sense and a little extra preparation and care can help to ...Read more

Around the World: Is Home Swapping Your Way To Go?

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Whether you want a week in the heart of Paris or two months in the Connecticut countryside, it’s possible to swap your home with someone who wants to vacation where you live.

The house swap arrangement alone will turn out to be much expensive than a hotel would be. Them, too, there’s no tipping, and you can save on ...Read more


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