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Around the World: Hunting the Best Halloween Haunt

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Of course kids of all ages across the nation in towns large and small create Halloween happenings of their own design, and all their tricks and treats are fun. But if you’re hankering for a bigger piece of the pumpkin this year, carve out a plan that will put you in the middle of one of the biggest and best Halloween party haunts in ...Read more

Around the World: Road Warrior Rituals That Can Work for You!

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You may be surprised, but there’s no need for you to be alarmed if the woman seated next to you on the plane pulls a small plastic container from her handbag, squeezes some gel on to a paper towel and begins to wipe down her seat, the armrests and the fold down table that’s fitted into the seat in front of hers.

The gel is...Read more

Around the World: Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum

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The City of Toronto’s international outlook is immediately discernable at the Bata Shoe Museum, a unique treasury of footwear worn by almost every nationality, clan or tribe found around the world.

To boot, because the comprehensive Bata Shoe Museum collection contains footwear from just about every historical era, plus a ...Read more

Around the World: Taking the Wait Out of Airport Security

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The lines for security clearance at airports are invariably long and slow-moving. With shoes in hand, computer and electronic devices set aside for special inspection, you inch forward towards the x-ray machines and metal detectors, As you wait, you begin to worry about the possibility that you may not get to the gate in time to board your...Read more

Around the World: Travel Lessons Learned from Cautionary Tales

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Personal travel journals are filled with cautionary tales recounting situations that arise due to travel provider errors -- ticketing mistakes, overcharges, unexpected extras, misrepresentations regarding hotel accommodations, amenities and services, and promises made but not kept.

These issues arise even when trips are ...Read more

Around the World: Don’t Wait for Labor Day To Take a Factory Tour!

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Labor Day, which falls on September 3 this year, isn’t a good time for a factory tour. In fact, most factories are closed for the day-long (stretch that to weekend-long)holiday that marks the end of summer while honoring workers who toil throughout the year to make all sorts of products that enhance daily life for millions of Americans. ...Read more

Around the World: The Claremont is Berkeley’s Grande Dame

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BERKLEY, California – If you happen to be in San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley and want a look at Bay Area exclusivity and elegance, include a visit to The Claremont on your agenda. The classically classy grand dame of a building has had a long and very interesting history that could be gleaned for a shelf full of good novels.
<...Read more

Around the World: New York’s Fashion Week Treats – Year Round

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Early September, when New York Fashion Week is in full swing and fashionistas from around the world crowd New York streets, is not the best time to visit the Big Apple -- unless you’re part of that stylish show and sell circus, or have
no interest in staying at one of the Big Apple’s trendy hotels or enjoying a night on ...Read more

Around the World: Travel with Locals on the World’s Subways

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At present, more than 150 cities on six continents have subways, and another 50 are under construction. The major networks -- those in Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, Moscow and Shanghai, for example -- have more than 100 miles of tracks underground and/or on elevated routes delivering passengers to all corners of their cities, while many ...Read more

Around the World: Feasting in Hong Kong!

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HONG KONG – You will never go hungry in Hong Kong. Restaurants abound, and they serve an awesome variety of Chinese cooking and a smorgasbord of other traditional and innovative cuisines.

For tourists – even those with strict dietary restrictions or preferences – the culinary arts in Hong Kong are among the city’s top...Read more


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