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Around the World: The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Treasure Hunting Abroad

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For many travelers, foreign adventure entails acquisition. Hunting for treasures and bringing home bounty is thrilling, whether it’s the result of a carefully planned safari through famous local emporia or from following an opportunity-inspired impulse.

Jewelry certainly counts as big game on the traveler’s trophy list. ...Read more

Around the World: Best Bets for Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

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If you live in a city with a large Mexican-American population, you probably won't have to go far to immerse yourself in Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The festivals are usually held all weekend, culminating in the celebrations of the day itself –  May 5, which falls this year on a Sunday.
Cinco de Mayo celebrations held across the...Read more

Around the World: Get Wet! Best US (Fresh) Watering Holes

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If you want to wet your feet – and the rest of yourself, too – and you’re not a salt water fan, head for one of America’s wonderful fresh water swimming spots.

There are superb swimming holes, river banks and streams across the land. Whether you choose one that’s in your neck of the woods or planning to trek to ...Read more

Around the World: Spring Break or Aloha Hawaii

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Hawaii is always a great destination – at any time of year and for any reason. But the islands’ lush landscape and alluring culture make Hawaii an ideal destination for shedding the winter blues and embracing the warmth of spring.

Actually, the Hawaii Islands provide a variety of distinct destinations, so you can find the ...Read more

Around the World: Touring the World of Tea

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As worldly travelers know, the service of tea is a gesture of hospitality around the globe. While tea service is distinct in different places, it’s always meant to honor the guest and the moment. Whether offered casually with the welcoming words “Would you like a cup of tea?” when you enter a home or presented formally in a pre-...Read more

Around the World: Making the Best of Shore Excursions

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Cruise ships’ onboard amenities can be so satisfying that you may be tempted to hang out onboard rather than go ashore and explore. It can be difficult to prompt yourself to leave your comfortable deck chair and good book behind for the day, or miss the next round of games staged by the onboard bridge club you’ve joined, or to tear ...Read more

Around the World: A Heartwarming Newfoundland Get Away

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Coastal towns named Little Heart’s Ease, Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Delight and Heart’s Content suggest that Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula is the ideal spot for a Valentine’s Day get away. And, that it is.

But the region’s charm and the appeal of local lore about these and other intriguingly named towns make ...Read more

Around the World: Steps to Avoid Travelers’ Back Strain and Pain

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Travelers who are otherwise quite physically fit often find backache a common and frequently reoccurring problem while they’re on the road.

Common sense and a little extra preparation and care can help to eliminate back pain that can drain the pleasures out of vacation or business travels.

Actually, travel-...Read more

Around the World: Safety Tips For Women Traveling Solo

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It’s a shame that women who go solo encounter travel hassles more frequently than solo men do, but they can minimize their vulnerability by taking special measure to avoid unpleasant and sometimes threatening experiences.

Unfortunately, there are places in the world where prevailing cultures still have double standards for ...Read more

Around the World: “Honey, Drop Everything! I’m Kidnapping You!

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This Valentine’s Day, do something better than flowers and chocolates. A lot better!

Surprise your mate with an escape, a romantic Valentine’s Day kidnapping.

Type ‘cheap travel deals’ into your Internet browser search box and your screen will light up with offers that are simply too tempting to resist. ...Read more


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