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Feasting in Hong Kong!

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HONG KONG – You will never go hungry in Hong Kong. Restaurants abound, and they serve an awesome variety of Chinese cooking and a smorgasbord of other traditional and innovative cuisines.

For tourists – even those with strict dietary restrictions or preferences – the culinary arts in Hong Kong are among the city...Read more

Around the World: Alaska is Hot Destination That’s Cool for Cruising

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All across the continental US, the weather is hot, with daytime temperatures averaging around 80 degrees. Alaska is hot, too.
But hot in Alaska is all about the state’s status as a tourist destination, not the summer temperature, which is about 20 degrees lower than that in the lower 48.

Alaska is the nation’s ...Read more

Around the World: Colorado is a Natural Rocky Mountain High

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Colorado is America’s rooftop, the place you go to get a natural Rocky Mountain high on crisp, fresh air and clean, outdoor fun. The state’s average altitude is 6,800 feet, and it’s home to 32 of the nation’s highest mountains. Mt Elbert, at 14,431 feet, is Colorado’s highest.

But, Pike’s Peak is really the scenic ...Read more

Around the World: Safety Tips For Women Traveling Solo

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Even with the increased awareness brought by the #MeToo movement, women travelling alone still encounter travel hassles more frequently than men do, especially in Middle Eastern and other countries where prevailing cultures still have double standards for men and women.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, women ...Read more

Around the World: In Hawaii, Make Mine Maui

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Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Island, packs an awesome array of natural scenic wonders into its 728 square miles. The beaches alone keep tourists content for days, but there are Maui’s decidedly different but equally interesting towns to visit, and trek into the rugged mountains reveal exquisite island flora and spectacular ...Read more

Finding Hidden Mickeys

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Walt Disney World features fun adventures from one end of the realm to the other, but one of the most popular with kids of all ages is the Hidden Mickeys hunt.

Yes, Mickey is a presiding presence throughout the theme park, clearly visible in all the usual places -- on the signs, admission tickets and guide maps that ...Read more

Around the World: Traveling with Pets?

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Wondering whether she was alone in her concerns, a reader recently wrote in
to relate her personal ‘traveling-with-Fido’ story -- which was, unfortunately, a not altogether pleasant experience.

“Does this happen to other travelers? And, what did I do wrong?,” she wanted to know.

As for her first ...Read more

Around the World: How to Interpret Travel Website Language

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With increased accessibility and reliance on online resources for information, those glossy travel brochures printed and distributed by tourist boards have pretty much become a thing of the past. People who are planning trips turn to official tourist board and tour operator websites and travel chat rooms for guidance about accommodations ...Read more

Around the World: Barcelona’s Top Attraction is Templo de La Sagrada Familia

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Barcelona’s singularly most important and most visited tourist site is Antonio Gaudí’s Templo de la Sagrada Familia (Church of the Holy Family), a building so unique and spectacular it will stop you in your tracks.
Uniquely grand in its scope and imaginative in its detail, the Templo de la Sagrada Familia is one of the world’s...Read more

Around the World: Carryon Packing for Two Weeks Away!

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To avoid the extra cost of checked luggage, save yourself the extra time required to claim it at the end of your flight and spare yourself the stress and woe of misdirected or lost luggage, travel with carryon bags only. You’re allowed to board with two items: one standard size carryon bag on rollers or an over-the-shoulder duffle and one ...Read more


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