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Around the World: Virtual Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

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The annual Cinco de Mayo festivals staged by Mexican communities across the US are always robustly anticipated events that promise lively music and dance presentations, great food and cultural insights. Of course, this year’s festivities will be virtual – and the best part of that news is that you don’t have to plan ahead or actually...Read more

Around the World: Book Future Travel at fire Sale Prices

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For folks who find travel one of the greatest of life’s pleasures, the current coronavirus lockdown is particularly painful, and especially if a long awaited and much anticipated outbound adventure – distant or nearby, of long duration or weekender -- had to be cancelled

While trip cancellations were disappointing to ...Read more

Around the World: Virtual Tours of Monumental Historic Buildings

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Even if the corona virus has turned you into a temporary couch potato, there’s no need to completely forego travel. You have some entertaining options. It quite easy to take a virtual tour of a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting – perhaps in preparation for a real visit when the pandemic has passed.

Thanks to ease of access via the ...Read more

Aroung the World: Virtual Travel for Temporary Shut-ins

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With COVID-19 on the move, this is a good time to stay at home and venture into virtual travel.  Travel shows are ample, but the best virtual adventures are via movies that feature wonderful destinations not only as background, but almost as featured characters in the stories.  With genres varied to suit all preferences, here are four of...Read more

Around the World: Amsterdam is for Foodies!

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AMSTERDAM -- Even tourists who don’t think of themselves as foodies consider dining adventures to be vital ingredients for their travel itineraries, and are always hungry for recommendations of destination that provide the best, most memorable meals.

That’s why I’m surprised that more lists suggesting best cities for ...Read more


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