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Around the World: Do-It-Yourself Versus Travel Agent Bookings

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With the year end holiday-associated travel season about to take off, all who are thinking of visiting relatives, escaping for some sun, surf and sand or taking to the ski slopes, or making their final business forays of 2019, are looking for the best way to book their trips.

It’s a season when travel becomes that much more ...Read more

Around the World: The Pros and Cons of Booking Code Share Flights

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The airlines tout benefits gained from their partnerships with other airlines. Mostly they boast about establishing networks that extend their routing to the far corners of the globe, while allowing you to fatten your frequent flyer account with more miles.
But weighing airline partnership benefits against what you ...Read more

Around the World: This Year, Enjoy a Colorful Mexican Christmas

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If you’re looking for a white Christmas, Mexico is not the place to be. Christmas celebrations south of the border are a blaze of colorful long-lasting fiestas known a ‘pastores’ and pastorelas.’ They combine spectacular religious processions and observances with secular satire – all of which adds up to a lot of fun.
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Around the World: Frequent Traveler Rituals That Can Help You!

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You may be surprised, but there’s no need for you to be alarmed if the woman seated next to you on the plane pulls a small plastic container from her handbag, squeezes some gel on to a paper towel and begins to wipe down her seat, the armrests and the fold down table that’s fitted into the seat in front of hers.

The gel is...Read more

Around the World: Head to the Northeast’s Haunted Places for Halloween

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With Halloween fast approaching, celebrants who crave more than trick and treat are contemplating titillating adventures to haunted places for thrilling ghost encounters.
Although the presence of paranormal phenomena is not restricted to the period around Halloween, the bewitching holiday is the most popular time of year for...Read more

Aroiund the World: Managing the Extra Costs of Holiday Travel

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Whether you holiday agenda includes visiting family and friends or escaping from them, make your reservations as far in advance as possible to optimum schedules and routing -- and to score better prices.

But, if you’re traveling on a budget, beware of hidden charges for services and amenities that are not covered in your ...Read more

Around the World: Escape to the Wilds of Las Vegas

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The Vegas Strip is so bedazzled with bright lights that you can actually see it from outer space.

Otherwise known as Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip is a galactically alluring destination, a place of pure fantasy, glamour, and high concept real estate that suggests you can with a few steps transport yourself from an ancient ...Read more

Around the World: Portugal Appeals to Conservation-Minded Tourists

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Ongoing Portuguese environmental preservatiom projects that give tourists opportunities to sustain nature while enjoying it are prime examples of how conservation can support and sustain local economies.

Topping the list is Portugal’s Alentejo region, famous for its cork forests-yes, cork, that spongy natural product that‘...Read more

Around the World: Old Sturbridge Village is an Idyllic Look at America’s Past

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Massachusetts boasts some of America’s earliest colonial settlements, and the state is dotted with historic towns and quaint villages that certainly retain their charming and distinctive New England colonial atmosphere.

But the one quaint village that actually invites you to step back in time and experience life as it was ...Read more

Around the World: Heidelberg has Heavenly Sites and Fascinating History

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Heidelberg’s marvelous old town – or Altstadt, in the vernacular – boasts an awesome collection of medieval and renaissance architecture that is showcased against the magnificent mountains of Germany’s southwestern region.

Nested on the south band of the Neckar River, Altstadt is a grid of narrow and ancient
...Read more


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