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Scandinavian Airlines is holding $3,480 I need to pay for my ticket

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently booked a flight from Atlanta to Kristiansand, Norway, on Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). When I tried to check in online, the system said my reservation had been canceled.

I called the customer-service number, and a representative told me there was a payment error that resulted in an automatic cancellation. The airline had given me ...Read more

Why won't United Airlines compensate me for my delay?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My wife and I recently flew from Paris to Washington, D.C., on United Airlines. The original flight was delayed for three and a half hours while passengers were waiting in line with their boarding passes, and eventually canceled.

We were rebooked on the next available flight the following morning. The United service desk provided notice of ...Read more

A hurricane, a canceled hotel and a missed vacation. What a carnival!

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently planned to attend the Miami Broward Carnival to celebrate the birthdays of two of my cousins. In total, 14 of us were traveling to Miami from Canada. My flights were on Air Canada, and I was booked at South Beach Plaza Hotel, a reservation I had made through

Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew was forecast to hit the ...Read more

I struck out with Amtrak's Empire Builder

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I can't get a refund from Amtrak for its totally inappropriate "handicapped" room on the Empire Builder from Chicago to Glacier National Park.

The room was not safe; there was no room for a wheelchair, no grab bars, and there were no safety bars on the toilet. There was no room for two people to sit and eat at the same time, and since my ...Read more

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