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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Braeden De La Garza

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Braeden De La Garza said his latest acting role was a fun challenge. "'The Quest' is an immersive (Disney+) fantasy series based around the fictional world of Everealm," said the 21-year-old Los Angeles-based actor. "Eight teens are summoned by the Fates as a last resort to save the kingdom. I play Prince Emmett – a brainy and quiet prince who values his own intelligence above all else." De La Garza – who is the cousin of the actor and singer Demi Lovato – stays in touch with his fans on Twitter ( and Instagram (

Q: Where are some of the places you have filmed on location?

A: For “The Quest,” we filmed in a castle in Calistoga, California! I’ve also shot things all over Texas, Arkansas and Vancouver.

Q: You’ve been an advocate for suicide prevention among the LGBTQ+ community for a while. How did you get involved with the Trevor Project?

A: Living in a pretty socially conservative part of Texas for most of my life, I was surrounded by a lot of prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community. And because of that, I wanted to do what I could to support them.

Q: This pandemic has made everyone think differently about how we spend our vacation time. What have you been up to?


A: I’ve become a big hiker during the pandemic. I walk everywhere. My favorite hike is probably Fryman Canyon in Studio City.

Q: If you had to cancel travel plans due to the pandemic, where were they to?

A: I had plans to go to Disney World that got shelved. That really sucked.

Q: What untapped destination should people know about?


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