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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Keiko Elizabeth

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A: I had planned to travel to Japan with my dad and my brother in November of 2020. I was really looking forward to it. We’d planned to shoot part of the trip for the documentary. It would have been the first time my dad had been back to Japan in 40 years. We still plan to go — maybe in 2022.

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?

A: The Big Island of Hawaii is fantastic — so dynamic, unpredictable and interesting. If you go, you absolutely must visit the volcano. It’s always doing something different, so there’s no way to know in advance where the active spots will be.

Q: What was the first trip you took as a child?

A: My parents took me to Yosemite at a very young age — maybe four. I loved everything about it — climbing the rocks, finding sticks, looking at the stars and riding a very stubborn donkey named Chocolate.

Q: Where would you like to go that you have never been to before?


A: Japan 100 percent. Vietnam, Thailand and China as well. I’ve never been to Asia at all, so it’s at the top of my list.

Q: What would be your dream trip?

A: One of the things on my bucket list is to see the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

Q: What is your best and/or worst vacation memory?


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