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Celebrity Travel: Go away with CRAVITY

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CRAVITY is celebrating the release of their latest mini album, “SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE.” Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the nine-man K-pop band hasn’t been able to travel to promote their work. But the band’s leader, Serim, said that once it’s safe to travel, he’s looking forward to living by his travel motto of “doing everything that you’ve wanted to try and enjoying everything you can so that you don’t regret it later!” The entire group, which includes Taiwanese American and Los Angeles native, Allen, participated in this interview.

Q: This pandemic has made it difficult for everyone. Normally, CRAVITY would be touring and meeting fans in person. How have you been dealing with all of this?

Hyeongjun: We are communicating with our fans through (social media) channels and various contents. I hope that day will come soon where we could see each other with big smiles on our faces. One of the things that I really wanted to do was meet our fans overseas. I’m very sad that I couldn’t meet them due to this pandemic.

Q: How did moving away from home to be in the group impact you and your music?

Allen: While traveling between the United States and South Korea, I have learned to embrace the two cultures and the values they hold, which reflects in the way I listen to music, which ultimately influences the process I approach while writing music as well.

Minhee: I was inspired a lot when I first moved to Seoul and started living among crowds of people. It was my dream to shine among them.


Q: People sometimes say fans are different in each country. What do you think are the differences and similarities between fans around the world?

Wonjin: Thankfully, because of (groups that came before us), I feel that K-pop is loved all around the world regardless of nationality. I haven't met the fans all over the world in person yet, so it would be hard to feel or tell the differences in their characteristics, but I would love to meet them all very soon. The key point that I wanted to say is that no matter where you come from and how you express your love, we will always try to repay and return back your love.

Q: What is your best and/or worst vacation memory?

Allen: My best vacation memory was in seventh grade when I went to New York with my middle-school choir and we shared rooms in groups of fours and I was the person in charge of picking the room keys to our hotel. The key I ended up picking was actually a suite room’s key, so my roommates and I were all really surprised when we saw how small everyone else’s rooms were. My worst vacation memory was when my mom came to visit me in Korea, but it was during the (heavy) rain season. So, for her entire stay, we couldn’t go out sightseeing. I was happy being able to spend time with my mom, but I just thought it was a waste since she came from such a far distance.


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