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CelebrityTravel: Go away with Gianni Decenzo

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In the third season of “Cobra Kai” (premiering on Netflix on January 8), Gianni Decenzo gets to show off some of his real-life fighting skills — something he didn’t get to utilize in the previous seasons portraying the uncoordinated high school student, Demetri. “It was very painful sometimes getting to see everyone else do badass karate moves, while I duck and cover,” said the actor, 19. “I’ve been studying Krav Maga for about five years now and I use a lot of what I've learned on set. But with season three, we see a lot more action coming from Demetri.” A resident of Santa Clarita, Decenzo stays in touch with fans on Instagram and Tik Tok (username: @gianni_decenzo).

Q: Besides your age range, how similar are you to Demetri?

A: Demetri and I are a lot alike in some ways and yet very different in others. I really empathize with the struggles he has with his friends. Granted, my friends never tried to beat the crap out of me, but I went through the issue of being a bit lonely throughout school.

Q: Do you think Demetri would make a good travel companion for you?

A: Absolutely. Demetri would be one of my best friends. Plus, we’d be able to play Magic: The Gathering. It’s a nerdy game, but it’s fun.

Q: What was the first trip you took as a child?


A: The earliest trip I remember taking was to Mexico. I had a pretty good time there. Lots of great music, amazing food and I bought a Batman cape.

Q: How have you been handling travel with so many restrictions these days?

A: My family has a place over in Utah, so sometimes we like to get away and hang out there for a couple of weeks. Utah’s a real calm place. It’s nice to take a breather there. My girlfriend also comes over a lot, so I’ll usually do something with her, too. I actually have to fly out to Georgia every time we film “Cobra Kai.” We stay there for about three months to film. It’s a lot of fun to travel and I love Georgia. The only downside is sometimes I get a little homesick. But my family usually flies over to visit. I love being able to show them around the set.

Q: What travel plans did you have to cancel in 2020?


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