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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Otoja Abit

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Otoja Abit wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film “A New York Christmas Wedding,” which is currently available on Netflix. The New York-based actor (“Stonewall,” “Black-ish,” “Harlem Knights”) said while he is grateful to be faring well during this pandemic, he was disappointed he couldn’t celebrate his movie at film festivals as originally planned. Still, he remains optimistic and looks forward to the day when it’s safe to travel again. “My dream trip would be to travel to England with the one I love for a Christmas holiday,” said Abit, 35. “(We would) see a show on the West End, followed by a quaint dinner at a local pub.”

Q: How have you been dealing with this pandemic?

A: The pandemic has been extremely difficult. I usually look forward to being able to go out and enjoy social events. My dog, Willa Grace Abit, has been a major benefit to encourage stepping outside daily and exploring life, rather than being inside.

Q: If you had travel plans for 2020 and had to cancel, where were they to?

A: I had planned to go to a wedding in Jamaica after completing all the work on “A New York Christmas Wedding.” That was going to be a much-needed vacation. And also all the film festivals – Miami, Martha’s Vineyard, North Carolina, Wichita, Kansas)! I missed a lot of opportunities to see our film play on a big screen with local audiences.

Q: How has coronavirus affected your ability to work as an artist?


A: I feel stilted being unable to get on a plane and go to California for that added option of our business. Safety comes first, of course, but it seems that with the lack of domestic travel, job opportunities are regionalized and becoming scarce.

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?

A: The Berkshires in Massachusetts. It’s incredibly freeing to be surrounded by nature, quality food and art within three hours from New York City. Forest Hills, Queens, (is) a quaint metropolitan neighborhood minutes away from Manhattan and has everything one can want from an outer borough.

Q: What was the first trip you took as a child?


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